Swift Series - Power On with Intel® Evo™

The Green Light to Pack Light

Swift laptops are thin and easy to carry—so you can ready, set, go—and have a wide range of I/O ports so you can work or play wherever.

As Stylish as You Are

With a clean and refined aesthetic—along with premium craft and design—Swift laptops are meant to stand out in a crowd!

Not Just a Pretty Face

With 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, enjoy smooth video editing & light gaming, yet easily multitask between messages, email, web browsing and more!

Energy That’s Optimized

A fast-charging, all-day battery1 teamed with Intel® Evo™ platform design means you’ll be worry-free at home, school or work.

The Poised & Powerful Swift 5

The ultimate in performance. Made so you can thrive on the go and poised to power your biggest breakthroughs.

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The Electrifying Swift X

A laptop ready for all the glitz and glam. Make your ideas come to life and create like never before!

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The Showstopping Swift 3

For the up-and-comer who demands solid performance on the go. Made to express your style and swagger, so you can do you.

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Intel® Evo™-Engineered for You

1. Based on verified real-world battery life of Intel Evo designs while performing typical workflows in a realistic environment within average daily usage scenarios. Individual system results may vary. See www.intel.com/Performance-Evo for details.