ConceptD CP5

Create and view designs, videos, and animations in incredible detail with a ConceptD CP5 series monitor. Achieve professional-levels of color fidelity with the PANTONE® Validated display, a 99% Adobe® RGB gamut1, and Delta E <11 color accuracy. Combined with Vesa Certified DisplayHDR 600 and an overclockable refresh rate of up to 170Hz1 for blur-free images, a high quality viewing experience is guaranteed.

Outstanding HDR Experience

Experience realistic, natural images through the expanded contrast ratio and color palette guaranteed by VESA Certified DisplayHDR™ 600. Create images with improved brightness and contrast with darker blacks and whiter whites with greater depth and shadowing.

Wide Color Gamut

Get brighter and more lifelike colors with Adobe RGB 99% color gamut’s extended color range. Adobe RGB is an international color standard used by directors and producers and ConceptD CP5 series monitors are designed to match this professional-grade quality, making them ideal for high-level editing of imagery and photography.

Perfect Colors

An artist should have confidence in their tools. With Delta E <1 color accuracy and a PANTONE® Validated display, ConceptD CP5 monitors are backed up by color technologies that ensure vivid, true-to-life color reproduction.

  • Delta E<1 1

    The display has been tested and calibrated to achieve a low Delta E average of<11 to reproduce true-to-life color accuracy.

  • Pantone® Validated

    Get a professional edge with a display that features integrated color correction and has demonstrated superior fidelity in reproducing the PANTONE Matching System (PMS) Colors.

  • 3D Lookup Tables

    Get professional color grading for digital and video. 3D lookup tables (3D LUTs) map one color space to another in order to ensure faithful color reproduction.

Seamless Viewing

Creativity should never be limited, and once you’ve worked on this 27” WQHD IPS display1, you’ll never settle for less. Along with an overclockable refresh rate of up to 170Hz, ConceptD CP5 series monitors give you an ultra-smooth viewing and creation experience.

A Single Port to Do It All

Easily extend the display of your laptop or mobile device, transfer data, and charge it at the same time using a single cable with the integrated USB Type-C port.

Designed for Creators

With its timeless design, ConceptD monitors easily adorn any workplace, adding a touch of class with the natural appearance of the stand base. This monitor comes with plenty of ports, a built-in light sensor1, and a light shielding hood1, meaning it’s equipped for professional design work.

  • Smart Light Sensor

    Enjoy a consistently comfortable visual experience thanks to the built-in ambient light sensor1. This automatically measures the brightness of the environment and adjusts the backlight accordingly, reducing eye strain.

  • Shaded for Accuracy

    Focus in on your design work with the light-shielding hood1, which ensures ambient light is blocked and you see colors more accurately. The hood reduces glare, helps relieve eye fatigue, and gives you some added privacy when you need to work on confidential projects.

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1 - Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region