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LAIR is a creative content studio that emphasizes story first, designing for any and all screens and creating for traditional to experimental applications. Steven Weinzierl is a multimedia director whose past clients include HBO and Showtime. With ‘Deviant’, LAIR uses a rare combination of cutting-edge technology with the classical art form of dance in collaboration with BalletMet Artistic Director Edwaard Liang. Together they use the story to explore dance as an expression of hope and the myriad emotions of the artist at work.

In the film, we see a man reviving a lifeless woman before the pair begin a skillful, expressive dance in tandem. While the man at first appears to control the movements of the woman, it later becomes clear that this dynamic has changed, as the now powerful woman remains the last dancer standing. The ambiguous ending poses questions about the power dynamics between men and women, the process of creating, and the cycle of birth and death.


Watch as the dramatic story between two dancers transforms from the raw live action performance to a mesmerizing display of light, sound and color. By integrating the chroma key wall, wireframes and CGI elements of post-production, Steven Weinzierl’s creative vision came into being.

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ConceptD CP7

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The challenges faced by LAIR in the creation of ‘Deviant’ included filming in 8k in a fast-paced live-production environment. The ability to edit dynamically in 8k footage in real time proved to be a gamechanger, allowing for a smooth workflow despite working with resolutions that most hardware would struggle to handle.

In addition to effortless real time edits, having powerful technology at hand allows for simple keying out of backgrounds and compositing of shots and special effects. This proved critical for a short film that relies not only perfect motion capturing, but beautiful and seamless projection of that motion into a compelling world. In the modern creative industries, workflow is critical. Timeframes are constantly becoming more and more compressed, so the ability to work with technology that can keep up is a boost to any professional creative.

Software Used