Durable Nature

by Ars Thanea

Filmmaking, Video Editing

Ars Thanea is an award-winning digital design studio based in Warsaw, Poland, who specialize in 3D animation, live action pieces, visual FX and augmented/virtual reality effects. As well as building up an impressive artistic portfolio with the likes of Paramount Pictures, they have created work alongside some of the globes leading brands such as Nike, Disney, and Ford.

Their project takes the form of a 3D animation in which the environment drives the storytelling arc, as a battle between water and ice rejuvenates and replenishes the barren wilderness. To create their world, artistic director Adam Torczyński has overseen a project in which every droplet is perfectly rendered, making his animated world itself the protagonist of the piece.


See how a hyper-realistic environment is rendered in CG as 3D models of the objects are rigged wireframe foundations to give Ars Thanea full creative control. Through smooth rotation and movement, each element of the project is scaled in minute detail, culminating in a finely textured and perfectly rendered visual story.

Made On

ConceptD 700

Equipped with an Intel® Xeon® CPU and NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ graphics, the ConceptD 700 delivers powerful and reliable computing performance for 3D modeling, photorealistic visualization, and feature length video production.

ConceptD CP7

A PANTONE® Validated display providing professional color accuracy with a 99% Adobe® RGB gamut, Delta E <1, and 93% DCI-P3. Enjoy pristine HDR quality guaranteed by the VESA Certified DisplayHDR™ 1000 and blur-free images with a rapid refresh rate you can overclock up to 144Hz.

ConceptD 3

Graphic design is quick and easy on the new ConceptD 3 creator laptop. A powerfully precise creator packing 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 graphics.

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Drop beneath the icy surface to see a top-class design studio in action as they produce a real-life vision of hope surging through the barren wilderness in melding of nature and technology. Editing in stillomatic before creating the optimal simulation environment, watch how the drafts of ‘Durable Nature’ melt seamlessly into a final render.

Software Used