by Zach Lieberman

Filmmaking, Video Editing

Zach Lieberman is a creative coder and educator based in New York, USA, who is driven to use coding as a medium of poetry. In view of his large following on social media platforms, he has created specialized filters for Instagram, worked on a project to find a new way to depict addiction for an exclusive New York Times feature, and created modes to teach his concept of ‘Poetic Computation’ to students across the globe.

‘Drift’ sees a dancer in action on the street. As she starts to move, she paints the world around her. The more she dances, the wilder the colors and patterns that emerge, such that by the end of the video the world is erupting into a crescendo of vibrant, living paint – bringing into reality a world in which human gesture augments and amplifies its environs.


Follow Zach Lieberman as he uses openFrameworks, his bespoke C++ toolkit, to analyze the movement of the dancer and feed that into a simulation of color movement in real-time through complex coding and layering, finally using shader programming to achieve a smooth, real-time realization of paint.

Made On

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Take a look beneath the paintwork to see the working methods employed by Zach Lieberman to create ‘Drift’. Working in real time on the streets of New York City with dancer Amelia Pagliaro, and then editing in the studio with Molmol Kuo, the steps to this explosion of color are laid bare.

Software Used