by Joeri Reynaert

Product Design

Joeri Reynaert is an industrial designer and creative director based in Shanghai, China. He has worked with brands such as Foscarini, Matsu, Ray, and LETRIGHT. His work is forever evolving, but the main themes tend to focus on blending the practical with the traditional, while drawing on examples from contemporary life for inspiration.

The idea for the ‘Davit’ laptop bag and workstation was a meta-inspiration from the type of work-lifestyle Joeri leads—working remotely and spending a lot of time set up in cafés. Having to carry both a laptop bag and ergonomic laptop stand is quite cumbersome. The ‘Davit’ solves this problem by combining the practical nature of the laptop bag and stand into one stylish device, while also providing a mousepad and convenient charging station for his mobile phone.


See how Joeri Reynaert’s ‘Davit’ laptop bag and workstation suits the needs for his professional lifestyle, from working in studios, workshops and being out and about in cafés. Combining this with the power and portability of the ConceptD 7 Pro allows him to design on SOLIDWORKS and render on KeyShot with ease.

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ConceptD 3 Pro

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ConceptD 7 Pro

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We take an in-depth look at Joeri Reynaert’s creative process. He works primarily with SOLIDWORKS and KeyShot to do product design and prefers working on the move to keep himself inspired. He has created the perfect bag and workstation for his newfound love; the ConceptD 7 Pro. The ‘Davit’ laptop bag and workstation simplifies Joeri’s day-to-day needs as a creative and designer.

Joeri’s creative partner, Huo Sibei, used the ConceptD 3 Pro on this project, which easily managed the rendering tasks needed to visualize the ‘Davit’ in 3D. The PANTONE Validated displays on both the ConceptD 7 Pro and ConceptD 3 Pro allowed Joeri and Huo Sibei to easily coordinate and align on product design and coloring—accurately visualizing every detail on both devices, providing the precision needed when sending out product designs to factories for prototyping.

Software Used