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Premium meets performance, by AMD Ryzen™ processors

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Acer AMD laptops powered by AMD Ryzen™ Series processors are designed to deliver leading performance, smart battery power management, and innovative AI experiences. Enjoy the freedom to work, play, create, entertain, and thrive with performance you can trust.

Acer AMD Ryzen™ Laptops. Ready for All Scenarios.


Fast enough to play pretty much every game you can get on PC in 1080p, powered by AMD RDNA™ 3 graphics architecture.


Acer AMD laptops powered by AMD Ryzen™ Series processors are your best companion to live streaming platforms.


Whether for education or work, enhance your interactive experience with AI-powered collaboration technology.

Content Creation

Acer laptops equipped with high performance AMD Ryzen processors with Ryzen™ AI built-in empower creators to create content with ease and efficiency.3

The Acer AMD Ryzen™ Lineup of Laptops

Powerfully Efficient Multi-Core Performance

Experience unrivaled performance and efficiency in ultrathin Acer AMD Ryzen™ AI PCs with up to AMD Ryzen™ 8040 Series Processors.1 Enjoy up to 8 cores, 16 threads, and exceptional battery power management.

Zen 4 Architecture

Power, performance, and efficiency are at your fingertips with the 4 nm “Zen 4” based architecture found inside AMD Ryzen™ 8040 Series processors.

Better Performance

AMD Ryzen™ 8000 Series processors significantly outperform last gen processors by 10% in tasks such as photo editing and digital content creation.2

Smart Power Management

AMD Ryzen™ processors optimize power and performance, communicating directly with Windows for longer battery life and superior performance.

Usher in the Future with Ryzen™ AI

Acer AMD Ryzen™ AI PCs with Ryzen™ 8040 Series3 utilize Ryzen™ AI to unlock powerful capabilities and enhancements for a new world of possibilities with future applications that help you automate tasks, streamline workflows, and boost productivity – utilizing a powerful spectrum of AI accelerators.

  • AMD Zen 4

    CPU Architecture

  • AMD RDNA™ 3

    GPU Architecture


    NPU Architecture

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Transform concepts into stunning works of art through simple commands and experience a whole new level of content creation.

Dedicated AI Assistance

Imagine effortlessly receiving help with monthly budgeting, email responses, daily scheduling, and more—all through natural language interactions.

More Lifelike Gameplay

Gaming of the future would utilize AI-driven visuals and dialogue on the fly—for unparalleled immersion and elevated gaming experiences.

Empower Your AI Future

There are over 100+ AI-driven experiences available today on Ryzen™ AI PCs from Windows Studio Effects, Topaz Labs, Adobe, Davinci Resolve, and more.

The Power of Personal AI

Experience up to 39 TOPS of total performance to process AI workloads and up to 16 TOPS NPU power – a 60% increase over previous-gen processors.4

Windows Studio Effects

Imagine collaboration with hardware that is more powerful, more efficient, and more intuitive than ever before. Acer AMD laptops with Ryzen™ AI make it possible, revolutionizing your digital experience.5

Automatic Framing

Auto Framing keeps the camera focused on you at all times, panning and zooming automatically to keep you in the picture.

Eye Contact Correction

Enhance engagement with this amazing new feature that ensures your gaze remains connected with your audience.

Advanced Background Effects

Enjoy high-quality background effects, without taxing the rest of your system like standard background blurs.

Revolutionize Your Performance

Play Like Never Before

AMD RDNA™ 3 architecture with built-in AMD Radeon™ 700M graphics1 feature industry-advancing chiplet technology to deliver next-gen performance, visuals, and power efficiency.

Advanced Video Encoding Acceleration

Speed up video rendering like never before with advanced AV1 encoding acceleration hardware built-in so you can play back and create videos with blazing speed and smoothness.

PCIe Gen 4 & LPDDR 5 Support

Powered by PCIe Gen 4.0 bandwidth and LPDDR5 memory, Acer laptops with AMD Ryzen™ 8000 processors6 seamlessly run your favorite applications with incredible speed and efficiency.

Work Safer with Microsoft Pluton

Acer AMD laptops with the Microsoft Pluton7 security processor feature chip-to-cloud protection of your personal data by storing it securely within the Pluton processor, which is isolated from the rest of the system.

Always Up to Date

With Pluton and Windows 11, hardware and software work together for security at the core, helping to ensure system integrity and the latest protection with updates delivered by Microsoft.

Blocks Physical Attacks

Pluton protects credentials, identities, personal data, and encryption keys, making it significantly harder for attackers to compromise, even with physical possession of the PC.

Proven Technology

Pioneered in Xbox and Azure Sphere, Pluton was designed by Microsoft in collaboration with leading silicon partners to bring hardened integrated security capabilities to Windows 11 devices.

Incredibly Advanced Integrated Display Engine

The advanced integrated display engine in Acer AMD laptops with AMD Ryzen™ 8040 Series processors1 offers leading-edge capabilities—supporting DisplayPort 2.0 and HDMI 2.1—meaning ultra-high resolutions and refresh rates are no problem.

1 Available for Swift Edge 16, Swift Go 14 AMD, Aspire AMD, Nitro 14 AMD, Nitro 16 AMD and Nitro 17 AMD. Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region. All models subject to availability.
2 Testing conducted by Acer using 3DMark Fire Strike comparing 2023 Swift Go 14 (Ryzen™ 7 7840U/Radeon™ Graphics/16GB RAM/2TB SSD) with a score of 7083 and 2024 Swift Go 14 (Ryzen™ 7 8845HS/Radeon™ Graphics/8GB RAM/2TB SSD) with a score of 7756. Actual score may vary considerably by specifications, depending on product model, configuration, applications, power management settings, operating conditions, and features utilized. Performance variation also arises based on components in use, which includes but is not limited to the processor, RAM capacity, storage, display and resolution, etc.
3 Ryzen™ AI is compatible with all AMD Ryzen™ 8040 Series processors except the Ryzen 5 8540U and Ryzen 3 8440U.
4 Based on AMD internal analysis of AMD Ryzen 8040 Series processors with an AI engine TOPS specification of 16 TOPS vs. previous gen Ryzen 7040 Series processors with an AI engine TOPS specification OF 10 TOPS. 
5 Please note that although Windows Studio Effects is available for all AMD Ryzen™ AI 8040 Series supported laptops (refer to disclaimer 3), the availability and rollout timing varies by market and is subject to updates.
6 Except for Aspire AMD, Nitro 16 AMD, and Nitro 17 AMD, (with DDR5 and PCIe Gen 4 support)
7 Microsoft Pluton is currently only available on the Swift Edge 16 and Aspire AMD.