Transform the way you move.

The AI-driven smartbike for city dwellers looking to make their commutes easier.

For the smart riders of (smart) cities.

ebii is here to make travelling around the city effortless.

Become an active participant in the world around you or zoom toward your next destination. The choice is yours.


Smart AI features makes everyday riding a breeze. ebii adapts to your style and preferences to provide the most optimal, and personalized journey!


Characterized by simplicity and clean lines, the minimalistic design lets you travel through every city street in style.


Whether meeting up with friends, running a little late to work, or simply having some me time, ebii gets you around safe and sound.

Think outside the box (literally).

A product of good creativity and innovative imagination. ebii is built on the world’s leading modular e-bike architecture — the possibilities are endless.

ebii Box

The intelligent vehicle control box houses everything to make your ride effortless — including the battery pack and control box.

Less is more

The single-sided fork is not only more lightweight but also enables a smoother and controlled ride.

Designed to take you wherever you need to go, ebii's lightweight form factor makes moving through cities a piece of cake.

Alloy frame

Made with an aluminum alloy frame — ebii is both sturdy and light.

Single-sided motor

ebii runs on a single-side hub motor for high efficiency in a compact package.

Smart features that make every ride (truly) yours.

Me, myself, AI

Our smart ebiiAssist adapts to the rider’s pedaling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance, learning over time for a more personalized experience.

Goodbye hassle, hello freedom

No gears, no problem. ebii sensors your riding conditions and pedaling power to deliver the power you need intuitively, giving you the smoothest riding experience you'll ever have.

Powered by ebiiGO

Connect to the mobile app, ebiiGo, for all the information you need during your urban exploration, including recommended routes, battery life, riding speed, and auto-lock settings.

Transform the way you explore the world.

Convenience is key(less).

We are here to facilitate your daily commutes, so we designed ebii with your convenience in mind. Whether it be flat-free tires, auto-lock systems, or fast-charging batteries, ebii is here to make your life easier.

Never go flat

Forget about constant maintenance. Air Fom tires ensure you will never experience a flat-tire again — ride care-free.

Auto (un)lock

Always ready to go. ebii’s wireless Bluetooth connection automatically locks your bike when you leave and unlocks it again when you’re nearby.

Fast charging

Take 2.5 hours out of your busy day (or night) to top up ebii, and you'll be back to 100% in (little to) no time. Stay on the go!

Power to share

Not only can you charge from the comforts of your home with our detachable battery, but it also doubles as a portable charger for your phone and laptop. Share the power!

Safety first (and second).

Safety is always a priority when on the move, so we have ebii decked out in all the latest safety features. From the detection of oncoming vehicles to our surround lighting system, ebii ensures a safer ride.

Surround light

Front, rear and side lights provide you with extra safety at night, informing nearby vehicles of your next move.

Collision Detection

Sensors that detect and alert the riders of oncoming cars or other objects to prevent collisions.

Patented battery technology for the most optimized and reliable ride.

ebii’s batteries are certified with charge and discharge protection, optimal cell layout, and a highly secure design to ensure its integrity and reliability.

Watch it. Can’t touch it.

With auto-lock systems and GPS positioning, you’ll never have to worry about where you parked your bike again. ebii is also designed to send immediate alerts whenever someone tries to move ebii without you.

Never lose it

Receive an immediate notification when a potential bike theft is detected. GPS positioning helps you find your ebii in any situation.

Always secure

ebii locks itself automatically when it senses your phone is out of the connection range.

Security functions subject to availability.

Transform the way you see the world.


Choose your ride

Select your preferred mode and plan your routes in the ebiiGO app. Whether boost mode, smart mode, or eco mode, your selected mode, combined with our smart assist technology, ebiiAssist, provides a tailored riding experience.


Control your bike

Everything is at your fingertips. Lock and unlock with just one tap. Mount your phone onto the handlebar to switch settings on the fly, check your battery life, see your speed, and get notified of oncoming vehicles.


Track your ride

The ebiiGO app provides you with real-time data and stores it for future optimization. The ebiiAssist algorithm learns about your riding preferences to continuously improve your experience.

ebii down to the numbers

23.5 kg

ebii weighs in at only 23.5 kilograms, making it your perfect companion to take you around the city.

145 - 185cm

Designed with accessibility in mind, ebii is suitable for riders of various heights, sizes, and skill levels.

160mm brakes

Hydraulic disk brakes offer efficient performance and control in any weather conditions.


With a maximum assist speed of 25 km per hour, ebii ensures your rides are stress-free and enjoyable.


Capable of taking you places, ebii can reach up to 110 km on a single charge.

2.5 hours

Take a short 2.5 hours to charge your ebii from 0 to 100, and you're good to go!



1578mm(L) x 552mm(W) x 1024mm(H)


48V CAN bus - auto assist control

Rider's height

145-185 cm - One frame size


8x8 LED dot matrix

Handle bar



Aluminum alloy

Handlebar width



Single speed

Full bike weight

23.5 kg - including battery and mudguards


20 x 2.2" puncture resistance tires


160mm hydraulic disc brake


250W hub motor


Front / Rear / Side lights


460W Li-ion




Assist speed

25 km/h (20mph)


Up to 110 km

Assist mode

Auto (ebiiAssist)

Charging time

0 to 100% in 2.5 hours


Removable Lithium-ion battery

Motor torque

40 Nm

Total carrying weight (ISO 4210 certification)

120 kg - including bike


Tyres width

55 mm

Safety light


Integrated lights


Rear radar




Find My Bike


Theft alerts


App functionality

Digital key and Auto Unlock




Ride dashboard and navigation




Activities tracking and achievements







Rear rack


Interested in learning more?

First ride with ebii.

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