Technology plays a powerful role in making our world a better place. Behind the progress, we found amazing people. Meet the Barrier Breakers.

Breaking barriers between people and technology

They’re harnessing the power of technology to make change. They’re fighting for a healthier planet and narrowing the digital divide. And because we believe in them and the value that technology brings to our environment and society, we’re partnering with them and sharing their stories.

A man and young woman look out at sea from the cabin of a boat.
Episode 5

Quiet Sound

The iconic Southern Resident killer whales (more commonly known as orcas) of southwest Canada and the northwest United States are endangered, with only around 70 alive today. Underwater noise from large ship traffic interferes with the whales’ ability to hunt already scarce salmon. To help, Quiet Sound uses a variety of technologies to locate whales and let crews know they’re nearby, so vessels can slow down or change course.

The tools that we use for orca protection include technology, research, and partnerships.

—Rachel Aronson, Program Director, Quiet Sound

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Man sitting inside a building by a fishing pier


Man sitting in front of a fishing pier


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Man smiling planting a tree on a sunny day.
Episode 4

One Tree Planted

Trees increase biodiversity, clean the air, and filter water, acting as powerful weapons in the global fight against climate change. One Tree Planted, an environmental nonprofit based in Vermont, plants one tree for every dollar it raises. Working with partners around the world, the organization uses technology to discover where trees are most needed and monitor the growth of the trees it plants.

Technology helps us to prioritize … where there is the greatest need.

—Ross Bernet, Forestry Specialist, One Tree Planted

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Woman sitting in front of a greenhouse


Man sitting in front of a greenhouse


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Making a meaningful difference for today and tomorrow

Our mission to break down barriers between people and technology drives us to help close the digital divide as well as to create positive impacts in other areas like the environment, supply chain management, and corporate governance.

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