Product Designers (CAD) & Animators

A New Way to Create

Run-of-the-mill equipment provides neither the power, nor the cross-compatibility required by creators today. ConceptD workstations with their powerful processors and discrete GPUs are designed to specifically meet these needs.

Advanced Graphics

The latest NVIDIA® GeForce® and RTX™ GPUs with GPU-accelerated Ray Tracing in renderers like 3ds Max or Blender let you easily accelerate through your work, giving you more time to handle bigger workloads and create faster than ever.

Powerful Processing

Bringing your ideas to life is a demanding task. The latest processors allow you to take full advantage of modern 3D design applications and features so that you’ll get seamless multitasking while easily handling your toughest workloads.

NVIDIA Omniverse™

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a powerful 3D design collaboration platform, exclusively available with NVIDIA RTX GPUs and part of the NVIDIA Studio suite of tools for creators. Built to seamlessly connect and enhance 3D creative apps and workflows, artists can unite assets and libraries to bring ideas to life—fast.

SpatialLabs™ Technology

Acer SpatialLabs™ technology delivers unique stereoscopic 3D interactions. The combination of an eye-tracking solution, a stereoscopic 3D display, real-time rendering, and AI technologies ensure an unforgettable 3D modeling experience.

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