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From a Whole New Perspective

This edge computing device lets you take control of your data and turn it into action. aiSage collects and manages a litany of different data and uses computer vision and AI algorithms to give you actionable insights into your business.

Intelligent Edge Vision

  • Linux Neural Network
  • Android 7.1
  • TensorFlowLite and Caffe

Commercial Grade Reliability

  • -10 ℃~ 50℃ Operating Temperature
  • Advanced Fanless Cooling
  • Plug & Go

Effective Manageability

  • Manage and maintain your devices over the cloud
  • Aggregate and analyze locally collected data
  • Create comprehensive insights that can be applied to all your edge devices

Bringing Vision to the Edge

aiSage Software Architecture

  • New DNN models can be OTA upgraded through BDM or Greengrass ML
  • Compatible with TensorFlow lite converted models
  • Faster than Intel core i7 by 40% with GPU acceleration
  • 5% CPU usage only when GPU NN acceleration is active




aiSage Specifications


Being Device Management

The Smartest Way to Manage Your Devices

Being Device Management (BDM) efficiently manages all your BeingWare and connected devices while simultaneously securing and providing insights on all the data your business generates. Not only that, Acer BYOC works directly with customers throughout the entire lifecycle of each device to enable features such as remote device monitoring, data backup, and data recovery, giving businesses a cost effective and reliable solution to optimize the way they do business.

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