Creating Classics

with Soyuzmultfilm, Russia

Animation, Art, Graphics

Soyuzmultfilm is a Russian animation studio with a history that dates back more than 80 years and more than 1.5 thousand cartoons produced during its lifetime. The cartoons were created in various genres and utilizing artistic techniques such as stop-motion puppets, plasticine, and traditional hand-drawn animations. Many of the studio’s films have enriched the “Golden Fund" of world animation classics, having been recognized with prestigious Russian and international prizes and awards while also becoming integral pieces of Russian culture.
Based on Soyuzmultfilm’s core philosophy, they continue to develop, explore, and make use of the newest and most modern technologies - further made possible by cooperating with Acer and working with the ConceptD line of devices that were built for artists, illustrators, animators and other representatives of creative professions. Advanced computer hardware and technology is extremely important for modern film-makers: enabling artists and designers to create beautiful images while significantly reducing production time for projects that might have taken years to produce originally.
Meeting the high requirements of Soyuzmultfilm, ConceptD’s high performance devices feature powerful Intel® processors and NVIDIA® graphics cards, high-resolution 4K UHD touchscreen displays with PANTONE® Validated certification, 100% Adobe® RGB color gamut coverage, and Delta E <2 color accuracy for consistent color reproduction. The studio has utilized premium ConceptD 9 laptops for the production of animated films «Mr. Theo, Cat & Dog» (Prostokvashino) and «Orange Moo-Cow», both of which are considered two of the best animated series to come from the Soyuzmultfilm Studio.

Products Used

ConceptD 9

Delivering ultimate creative power, the ConceptD 9 is the ideal laptop for demanding 3D work. Its heavyweight processors take care of business, while the 4K UHD display brings professional precision with its 100% Adobe® RGB gamut, PANTONE® Validated color fidelity, and Delta E <1 color accuracy. The ground-breaking Ezel™ Aero Hinge gives this device unique flexibility to create and collaborate.

ConceptD 500

The attractive and stylish ConceptD 500 has the latest Intel® Core™ i9 CPU and an NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 4000 to deliver reliable computing for complex creative projects.

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ConceptD CP7

A PANTONE® Validated display providing professional color accuracy with a 99% Adobe® RGB color gamut, Delta E <1, and 93% DCI-P3. Enjoy pristine HDR quality guaranteed by the VESA Certified DisplayHDR™ 1000 and blur-free images with a rapid refresh rate you can overclock up to 144Hz.

Software Used