Aspire Switch 12S

A star is born.

A star is born.

Sleek & Contemporary

Beveled edges, inspired by the facets of cut diamonds, add a distinctly sleek and contemporary visual effect. It helps to create a high visual contrast from the rest of the device and accentuates its overall profile.

Refined Details

Two fine lines are featured on the bottom side of the tablet portion. Not only does it act as a buffer between the tablet and connection plane, it also creates a seamless cohesion with the rest of the device.

Simple but not easy

Through multiple layers of processing from CNC, anodizing to the diamond-cut treatment, the design is minimalistic and sleek.

Elegantly functional

The hinge features strategically placed slits and a decorative metallic bar that helps to further streamline the device’s profile and adds a distinct visual touch. The bar is plated with a rose gold colored finished made from stainless steel and with the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process.

The dual zinc-alloy connectors also use the same CMF (Color, Materials, Finish) treatment, making it an elegant decorative feature, and not just a functional structure.

Reliable data transmissions

Keyssa technology reinvents the connector design for 2-in-1s. It solves problems faced during the manufacturing process and by consumers who have experienced unreliable data transmission between tablet and keyboard dock. Now, there is a new category of contactless connectivity that’s highly-functional, but also helps to make devices sleeker.

A Head Turner