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Predator Hybrid Backpack


Predator Hybrid backpack

Predator Hybrid backpack

Predator Hybrid Backpack

Model Name: Predator Hybrid backpack

Part Number: NP.BAG1A.291

Where you go, it goes – adapting to your needs. So pack light, heavy or anything in between while staying fully prepared to game at a moment’s notice.

Everything Has Its Place

With multiple pockets, you’ll find a place for everything that matters—especially that all important Predator laptop1 with its own padded compartment.

Hydrid backpack - Everything Has Its Place - ksp 01 desk

The Small Details

It’s the small things that count. A strap specifically for your headset, an earphone cable pass-through—even a dedicated pocket for shoes if, that’s your thing.

Hydrid backpack - The Small Details - ksp 02 desk

Engage the Elements

From top to bottom, every aspect of this pack is crafted to let go you where you please. From the water-repellent pockets to the reinforced exterior.

Hydrid backpack - Engage the Elements - ksp 03 desk

Part of the Pack

Hued in grays and blacks with teal accents and crafted from high density polyester—the Predator symbol marks you as one of the pack. Welcome.

Hydrid backpack - Part of the Pack - ksp 04 desk

All-Out Comfort

If it’s going to be with you all day, it better be comfortable. Padded straps and a cushioned back panel are aimed at giving you the comfort you want.

Hydrid backpack - All-Out Comfort - ksp 05 desk

Thông Tin Sản Phẩm

Phong Cách

Kiểu Ba Lô

Kích Thước Màn Hình Tối Đa Được Hỗ Trợ

39.6cm (15.6")

Đặc Điểm Vật Lý

Màu Sắc

Màu Xanh Mòng Két

Trọng Lượng (Xấp Xỉ)


Độ Bền

Chống Nước Bề Ngoài

Chiều cao


Chiều rộng


Bề dày


Vật Liệu

Vải Nhân Tạo

Thông Tin Khác

Ứng Dụng/Cách Sử Dụng

Ống Nghe

Thân Thiện Với Môi Trường


Thông Tin Chung

Tên Sản Phẩm

NP.BAG1A.291 Hộp Đựng

Loại Sản Phẩm

Hộp Đựng



1 Pocket designed for Predator 15.6 inch laptops. Does not apply to all 15 inch laptops.