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Love and Care

See Your Pet in Real Time While You're Away

Our pets still need our companionship when we're away. Pawbo EYE enables live and intimate interactions between you and your pet by reacting to noises your pet makes, then instantly relaying your pet's activity info to you via the app.

Pawbo eye - KSP 1 - Large

Diverse Perspectives

The spherical design allows you to capture your pet's actions from every possible angle.

Pawbo eye - KSP 2 - Large

A Wider View

Pets are like kids, cute and energetic. Pawbo EYE has a base that can tilt forward and backward so it can capture your pet's activities from high up, with zero blind spots, no matter the size of your pet. You'll see all of your pet's cutest moments in real time, regardless of how high the camera is placed.

Pawbo eye - KSP 3 - Large
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Capture Anywhere

Pawbo EYE features a removable magnetic wall mount design that's easy to install and offers flexible positioning, so you can capture precious moments of your beloved pet in any setting.

Pawbo eye - KSP 4 - Large
Quick mount-and-remove magnetic design Click for Greater Details
Magnetic wall mount Click for Greater Details

Capture On the Go

Pawbo EYE also serves as a portable camera and captures the fun outdoor moments you share with your pet. With its ergonomic spherical design, it's easy to handle and operate.

Pawbo eye - KSP 5 - Large

Calming Presence

Pawbo EYE's night light function provides a calming presence in the dark.

Pawbo eye - KSP 6 - Large

Create a Playground for Your Pets

Pawbo eye - KSP 7 - Large