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ConceptD Packaging Design

To ensure sustainable development between humanity, our products, and the environment, we listen to and share the ecological values of our customers through reducing or otherwise avoiding the waste of resources.

Starting with the 3R’s

Establishing the link between being environmentally friendly and our design relies on our design methods. Through applying the principle of the ‘Three R’s’ – reduce, reuse, and recycle – to the way we produce, transport, market, and so on, we reduce our overall footprint and lessen the impact on the environment.

High Recycled Pulp Ratio

To further decrease the wastage of resources, the ConceptD series packaging only makes use of recycled paper which is made of more than 90% recycled pulp.

Plastic Free Packaging

With the idea of reducing environmental pollution in mind, we use a combination of recycled paper and innovative design to completely replace any plastic material.

Reclamation and Recycling

We thoroughly analyse the reusability of each package and develop improved materials to both increase its life cycle and also decrease the burden on the environment.

Soy Ink Printing

The spirit of recycling requires us to abandon and improve upon the old-fashioned ways of packaging, such as during the coating process. As such, we now utilize soybean ink printing for all ConceptD series packaging, preventing environmental pollution during the reclamation process in the future.

Created for Sustainability

Environmentally friendly design and creation will always be the goal for us to better achieve a more sustainable relationship between humanity, natural resources, and the environment.