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Acer Board Approves Committee Appointments and Formation of New Investment Committee
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2017-06-23)

Acer Inc. (TWSE: 2353) today announces that its newly elected Board of Directors approved the formation of a new Investment Committee. In addition, the Board appointed members to the Remuneration, Audit, and Investment committees.

The newly established Investment Committee will be tasked with evaluating investment strategies, investment opportunities, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and other potential opportunities for the company.

The following members have been appointed to the committees:

· Audit Committee

  • Dr. Charles Hsu[1] (Chairman)
  • Dr. F.C. Tseng1
  • Dr. Ji-Ren Lee1
  • Dr. Simon Chang1

· Remuneration Committee

  • Dr. Ji-Ren Lee1 (Chairman)
  • Dr. F.C. Tseng1
  • Dr. Charles Hsu1

· Investment Committee

  • Dr. Simon Chang1 (Chairman)
  • Dr. Ji-Ren Lee1
  • Stan Shih
  • George Huang
  • Jason Chen

[1] Independent directors