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Acer’s All-New Aspire Notebooks Provide Powerhoused Computing for Everyday Needs — Acer Community

* Acer Aspire series PCs bring together powerful processing power and graphics to deliver great performance for entertainment and everyday tasks 
* The notebook series is designed with enhancing experiences in mind, including HD or Full HD displays, Acer BluelightShield™ screen technology and a 180° lay flat hinge 
* For the prosumer and business users, Acer TrueHarmony™ delivers bold and lifelike audio for making video conference calls and entertainment astounding and clear 
 Acer revealed the all-new Aspire notebook line at its global press event in New York on April 27th.

New Acer Aspire Series of Notebooks Covers a Wide Spectrum of Consumer Needs — Acer Community

(Image) Editor’s Summary * Acer Aspire series continues to outclass rivals by packing the latest processing and graphics power, and narrow border Full HD displays * Acer Aspire 7 features an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, up to 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD in RAID 0 for productivity and high performance, and 2TB HDD * Acer Aspire 5 features an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA® GeForce®MX250 graphics, or 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processor with Radeon™ Vega Graphics, and discrete Radeon RX 540 graphics, and a thin, premium aluminum top cover design * Acer Aspire 3 features include up to 8th gen Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA®GeForce® MX250 graphics, or a 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processor with Radeon™Vega Graphics, and discrete Radeon RX 540 graphics, a Precision TouchPad, and Acer BlueLightShield™ Acer revealed the latest updates and new models of our popular Aspire series notebooks.

Aspire 5 (A517-51G-55G9) spec for the m.2 slot! — Acer Community

Hello,  I want to add a SSD on the m.2 slot but I can't find information on the m.2 slot of the Aspire 5 (A517-51G-55G9) and Acer chat does not help...  I found some information on somes Aspire 5 A515, but I fear that a A517 (with a screen 17") is diffrerent.

RAM upgrade quenstion for Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G — Acer Community

Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G with 8GB of RAM in total. 4GB are soldered onto the motherboard and 4GB are in the expansion slot.

RAM upgrade Aspire 4738 — Acer Community

Good day, I just want to ask something about my Acer Aspire 4738, i just want to upgrade my RAM i dunno what ram should I buy, is it DDR3L or just DDR3?

Acer Aspire E5-575-52JF m.2 nvme support - Page 11 — Acer Community

(Quote) Hi, If the Maximum Link width value is for Root Port 9, yes, you can install a NVMe SSD, as for the link you posted, I am not sure about the particular model which is a OEM SSD, so I can not comment on that, you can get a consumer version Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD like 960 Evo or a 970Evo.

Aspire A515 52g can install with m.2 pcie nvme ssd ? — Acer Community

i plan to upgrade and install  the new m.2  nvme ssd in my laptop and i not sure that my laptop model which is aspire a515 52g 58r8 that can compatible and enable to boot up the m.2 nvme  ssd or not, some of the information was shows that it cannot compatible with new m.2 nvme ssd.

Whats the difference between the Acer Aspire 5 and the Acer Aspire E5-576-392H (inclusive of a 250 — Acer Community

Whats the difference  between the  Acer Aspire 5 and the Acer Aspire E5-576-392H (inclusive of a 250 GB WD Blue SSD)?

Aspire E5-475 has 2nd HDD bay + NO sata connector - DON'T want DVD caddy, is there a Sata adaptor? — Acer Community

I have recently bought an Aspire E 14 E5-475. It has a second HDD bay, but has NO Serial ATA connector!

Is there any Acer Aspire One with upgradeable CPU & GPU or a different motherboard to swap it? — Acer Community

Is there any Acer Aspire One with upgradeable CPU & GPU or a different motherboard to swap it? i like how acer aspire one looks