Turn do into done

Every industry, from AI Engineering or Industrial Design to VR Development, has its own workflow challenges. Finding the perfect workstation that really gets the job done is not an easy task. Just getting run-of-the-mill equipment will give you neither the power, flexibility nor cross-compatibility needed. Here are 10 important ideas that help you in finding the perfect workplace solution to make your work easier.

Built for serious performance

When you’re working on really big projects where smooth workflow is needed 24/7, standard Intel Processor Power is certainly not enough. In a professional workstation like ConceptD 900, two Intel’s Xeon Gold 6148 set the benchmark. With 20 cores and 40 threads each, they can easily handle the toughest ray-tracing, 3D modelling or VR simulation workload.

Don’t limit your potential

Building amazing art in real-time – from large, complex CAD models, complex design creative content effects to 3D medical imaging – is tough work. So make sure you get the best help to get your done better and faster: NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 6000, powered by the latest generation NVIDIA Turing™ architecture, is a fusion of real-time graphics, accelerated ray-tracing and deep learning that brings you real-time, cinematic-quality rendering.

Safety 1st. And 2nd, 3rd, 4th, … 192th

Data protection is one of the most important tasks today. Not only from outside access, but also from accidental data corruption inside the computer system. That’s where RAM with ECC functionality comes into play. It automatically detects and corrects memory errors that could potentially crash your system and destroy your hard work. And 192 GB off ECC RAM gives you plenty of room for highly demanding tasks.

No project is too big

Big 3D or movie projects go hand in hand with huge amount of data that need to be processed – and safely stored. 1 TB ultra-fast SSD in RAID mode ensures that your workflow is always up to speed, while two 4 TB HDD also in RAID mode keep your data – your most valuable asset – in a redundant, safe storage space.

The hidden speed boost

In many high-demanding applications like Deep Learning, Computational Physics or Modelling, pure CPU Power has stalled on a high level. Enter the next hero of fast computing: GPUs with CUDA! They allow professional application like Autodesk or Wolfram Mathematica to reach previously unthinkable speeds. 4608 Parallel Processing Cores perform up to 16.3 Tflops and accelerate your multithreading capabilities to the next level.

Flexibility for the tasks of tomorrow

Professional developer and content creators have to stay ahead of the crowd and not only think about what’s important today, but what might be needed tomorrow. So it’s always nice to have the flexibility to adjust to future demands with ample space. Five storage bays with full-on RAID compatibility, three PCIe x8 and four PCIe x16 slots can take up any addon cards and drives you choose, ie to achieve NVIDIA CrossFire functionality.

Precision is everything

Whether it’s creating new artificial worlds, simulating physical models or engineering new breakthrough tools: For a developer like you visual accuracy is not an option, it’s a vital necessity. Be sure your monitor fulfils important industry standards like 95% DCI-P Colour Gamut, 99% Adobe RGB Gamut and is fully PANTONE Validated and Pre-Calibrated so you can get precise, uniform colours right out of the box and get access to the extended range of cyan-green hues within the 1 billion colours.

Certified compatibility

With today‘s demanding deadlines driving the need for efficiency and productivity, it isn‘t enough just to know that your software applications will run on your workstation. You need a hardware solution that has been tested and proven to deliver peak performance for your key applications. ConceptD 900 certification for industry-leading applications allows you to work with confidence.

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