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Acer BYOC™ Platform and App Enable Marathon Runners to Share Event Photos with Friends and Family in Real Time

Acer’s brings a new level of experience to Taiwan’s first IAAF certified marathon with real time photo sharing

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Acer’s sponsorship of Taiwan’s first IAAF certified marathon, the 2015 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon, was held yesterday participated by more than 10,000 runners along the scenic northern coast of Taiwan. Through the Acer BYOC™ platform and mobile app, participants could, for the first time, download event photos in real time, bringing event experience to a whole new level.

During this year’s New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon, Acer staff took photos of athletes at multiple locations along the route with Acer Liquid smartphones, then uploaded them in real time to the abSportsfun website and abMarathon app. More than 70,000 photos were uploaded during the whole course, and after being indexed through the cloud, were successfully distributed to the runners. For the first time, event photos during a marathon could be shared in real time to create a brand new marathon experience.

The 2015 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon marks Acer’s debut in integrating cloud technology in a marathon event. Acer intends to continue to develop premium applications and services entering the “New New Acer” era.