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Acer Celebrates Record-High Notebook Market Share in Thailand While Maintaining Leadership for Over a Decade
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2015-03-11)
Acer has reached a record-high notebook market share of 34.8% in Thailand in Q4 2014, marking a new chapter for the brand’s continuous market leadership for over a decade, according to the latest data from IDC.

“Acer has been in Thailand for over 18 years, and we believe our well-established brand image and best-in-class product experience contributed to our continued success in Thailand,” said Harry Yang, managing director of Acer IndoChina. “Through our diverse range of channel and retail programs, we are delighted to see that not only have we have reached a historic high market share in Q4 2014, but also positive growth in notebook shipments despite the overall market decline on-quarter.”

In addition, Acer has recently received three branding honors in Thailand, namely the “2015 Most Admired Brand” by BrandAge magazine, the “No.1 Brand Thailand Awards 2014-2015” in the notebook product category from Marketeer magazine, and "The Most Powerful Brand of Thailand 2014" in the personal computer category from Chulalongkorn Business School.

The “2015 Most Admired Brand” awards, organized by the 15-year-old BrandAge magazine, has a selection process based on continuous research and interviews from 1,600 respondents. The results showed that Acer ranked at the top in brand awareness of IT & digital products. The awards evaluated criteria such as production, brand awareness, innovation, marketing, after sales service, and distribution.

The “No.1 Brand Thailand Awards 2014-2015” is co-organized by Marketeer magazine and Video Research International (Thailand) Company. The voting results showed that Acer is the most popular notebook computer brand, winning 37.27% of the votes.

The “The Most Powerful Brand of Thailand 2014” is the second edition of the awards from Chulalongkorn Business School, which stemmed from a branding research program focusing on brand strength and power. The research studied 12,000 samples collected from Thai consumers aged 18 to 60, who used 32 selected products during March to May 2014. Criteria evaluated include brand awareness, preference, usage, and image.