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Acer Announces new S1 Projectors, Reliable Short-Throw Series For Education
BIOGGIO, Switzerland (2014-10-21)

Acer today announced the release of three new short-throw models to renew its S1 projector series. Designed for the education sector, these reliable projectors ensure smooth functionality in lecture halls and classrooms and provide a bright performance that lasts the test of time.  Additionally, the S1 series projectors support the use of Acer SmartPen 2, a device developed for interactive learning and therefore perfectly suited for the educational environment. Thanks to the SmartPen, the presentation can be controlled remotely and the presenter can draw, write and sketch on the screen. Moreover, with multi-pen support, members of the audience can join into and contribute to the learning experience at any time.

The new Acer S1 series includes the S1383WHne as well as the S1283Hne and the S1283e. All of these projectors fall into the short-throw category, meaning they can be placed at a very short distance from the projection screen (as little as 1 meter) while still delivering pleasant, large visuals (80 inches at one meter, up to150 inches). This is especially useful in the classroom or lecture hall, as it enables professors to freely move around the space while they teach without worrying about annoying shadows or a dazzling light.


Seamless Visuals

The Acer S1 projector series features WXGA and XGA resolutions with a 16:10 or 4:3 aspect ratio, thus delivering a personal, more enjoyable viewing experience. This, combined to the Acer ColorBoost II+ and Acer ColorSafe II technologies available throughout the series, makes for crystal-clear images, enriched details and high color fidelity, even after prolonged use. Additionally, these projectors are DLP® 3D Ready, enabling theatre-like 3D experiences in the comfort of the educational facility or a user’s home. The S1383WHne and S1283Hne also allow HDMI® input, which opens up a vast spectrum of projection possibilities, enabling easy connectivity to sources of high-definition content, such as for example 3D Blu-ray™ films, which can be played on S1 series projectors in 144Hz 24p.

Enhanced Usability

The user experience is always at the center of Acer’s products. For this reason, the S1 series projectors enable Wireless Projection thanks to a simple optional Acer wireless dongle. Pairing this functionality to the Acer eDisplay application (available on Google Play and Apple AppStore), users can easily project content from their personal devices, and even directly mirror their mobile screen. Acer eDisplay even proposes a Split Quad screen-view, which allows up to four users to project simultaneously, using any of the eDisplay supported functions, such as camera projection, web browsing, document editing, or sketching.

Moreover, thanks to the Crestron® Web-based Control Console, users can fully control their projector’s activities and settings via LAN. For larger facilities such as schools, learning centers and universities, the S1 series projectors are also compatible with Crestron RoomView®, a multi-user resource management program offering facility-wide monitoring control and reporting of AV resources and environmental systems. When connected to a LAN, Crestron RoomView® enables remote power on/off (which can also be scheduled), remote projection control (including source selection), multiple-projector control, email alert system, as well as online dialog with a RoomView® administrator.


Finally, to enhance ease of use, the S1 series projectors come with a built-in 10W speaker. This way, users can enjoy clear sound and studio nuance without purchasing and installing an external sound system.

Eco-Friendly Functionality

The Acer S1 series was developed with the environment in mind, and is truly eco-friendly on four different fronts. Firstly, the Acer EcoProjection technology reduces standby power consumption by 90%, taking it from 5W to 0.5W. Secondly, Acer ExtremeEco enables up to 70% power consumption saving during periods with no input signal. Additionally, Acer ExtremeEco mode extends the lamp life to up to 8000 hours, saving lamp-replacement costs and ensuring long-term, dependable projector use. Finally, a low noise level of only 31 dBA provides clear audibility and no ambient disturbances.


Pricing & Availability

The Acer S1383WHne, S1283Hne and S1283e will be available in EMEA starting November 2014. Prices begin at 749€.

Acer No.1 DLP Brand in EMEA since 2008
The Acer DLP projectors are, for many reasons, the most popular in EMEA. According to figures from market research firm PMA (Pacific Media Associates) no other brand sold more DLP projectors in EMEA since 2008 as Acer. High quality and always equipped with the latest projection technology, specifically developed by Acer Color Boost technology vouches for rich, vivid and brilliant colours. The 5 year warranty on the DLP ® chip confirms the reliability and long lasting colour brilliance. The quality of the lamps used in the Acer projectors of Osram and Philips is a one year warranty without any restrictions.

*wireless projection with optional Acer MHL dongle is available since 2013.

1. Specifications may vary depending on model and region.