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Acer Total PC and Commercial Total PC Shipments Achieve Highest YoY Growth among Top Players Worldwide in Q3 2014
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-10-22)

The latest preliminary data from IDC for Q3 2014 showed Acer has improved on its year-on-year (YoY) worldwide PC shipment with growth at 11.8%. This was in contrast to the overall industry decline of 1.4%. Quarter-on-quarter (QoQ), Acer saw a 12.6% rise, which also surpassed the industry average of 5.2%. In both YoY and QoQ shipments, Acer was one of only two brands among the top 10 players, and the only brand from Taiwan, to accomplish double-digit growth, demonstrating the company’s steady progress.

The Q3 2014 preliminary data also showed that Acer has performed well in the worldwide Commercial PC market. For Commercial Total PC shipments, Acer attained 18.2% growth YoY compared to the industry decline of 1.2%; QoQ, Acer achieved 16.1% growth. Both rates represented the highest growth rates among the top 5 players.

Furthermore, in the Commercial Portable PC market, Acer saw 37% YoY growth compared to the industry average of 0.2%; QoQ, Acer achieved 15.8%, exceeding the industry average of 9.4%. In both measurements, Acer demonstrated the fastest growth rates among the top 10 players.