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Fusion of Technology and Art: Acer Sponsors Digital Art Exhibition at China’s Shenzhen Airport - Exhibition of ancient and modern art from China and Taiwan opens on August 25
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-06-16)

Acer will be the title sponsor of the digital art exhibition that features famous works of ancient and modern art at the Shenzhen Bao-an international airport in China. The exhibition involves curators from both Mainland China and Taiwan, and will open on August 25.

Two major works of art will be featured: the dynamic display of the “Riverside scene at the Qingming festival,” originating from China’s Song dynasty and which received wide praise during its exhibition in the China Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo; and the contemporary still display of Taiwan scenery by renowned local artist Wen-Rong Hsu.

Acer Chairman Stan Shih, who also serves as chairman of Taiwan’s National Culture and Arts Foundation said, “The dynamic display demonstrates how technology can give a modern twist to ancient works of art, while the 320-meter long still display of the Taiwan scenery magnifies the original painting so visitors can view up-close and admire every intrinsic detail of the folk activities.”

Closely following its participation at the Shenzhen cultural expo in May, Acer is continuing with its support in cultural and creative arts, this time at the central transportation hub of Shenzhen airport. 

The dynamic and still works are displayed in one exhibition hall creating a “fusion of ancient and modern art.” Acer will also showcase new technological applications related to the preservation of cultural works cross-platform or cross-devices with Acer’s BYOC™ (Build Your Own Cloud) solution. This will enable artists to experiment and create a new generation of digital art with video, music or other multimedia on a secure digital platform.

Through this event that combines cultural innovation and technology, visitors will learn that Acer is expanding beyond hardware and software products, but also developing complete e-solutions to meet different needs for work and for living. The exhibition also aims to promote cultural exchanges from two sides of the Taiwan straits, for a balance of interests and sustainable development, setting another fine example of the Wangdao ideology in benevolent thinking.