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Acer Unveils New Suite of “ab” Branded Apps and a new Branded Character “abWuKong” for its BYOC™ EcoSystem
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-05-29)

Acer today unveiled a suite of apps for consumers and businesses within BYOC™, its new Build Your Own Cloud service. Acer will be aligning all apps and services under the sub-brand “ab” which stands for Acer BYOC. The sub-brand “ab” will be added to every app as a signal of the security and ease that comes with BYOC.

Today, Acer is unveiling abPhoto, abMusic, abFiles, and abDocs, with more apps and services to come and will be available also for non-Acer devices.

abPhoto allows users to take photos on a smartphone or tablet and archive them automatically on their PC. Photos are also pushed to other devices over a wireless or mobile network and can be shared with other users(1). There are no file size limits, meaning that high-resolution photos can be easily shared with friends and family. abPhoto also includes photo-enhancing features, such as Multi-Angle View, Picture with Sound, and Free Focus. The app works across Android, iOS and Windows 8 Tablets.

abMusic enables users to access their entire music collection across multiple devices, by streaming from their PC or downloading onto a specific device. Additionally, songs purchased on iTunes will be automatically added to the user’s music collection for instant access across devices. Android, iOS, Windows Desktop and Windows 8 UI are currently supported.

abFiles(2)offers flexibility for sharing and accessing documents. With abFiles users can access all files on their PC from any connected device. abFileseven allows users to remotely convert Office to PDF files and remotely zip/unzip files(3) for seamless sharing through email. Even if a PC is in sleep or hibernation mode, abFiles can wake it up through remote wakeup(4) technology if a file is needed. The app is currently available on Android, iOS, Windows Desktop and Windows 8 UI.

abDocs stores MS Office documents updated in the past thirty days, allowing for instant access to all recent files, even if the user’s PC is switched off or offline. Changes made in any document on any device are automatically synced across all devices. Android, iOS, Windows Desktop and Windows 8 UI are supported.

Along with the suite of apps, Acer is also unveiling a branded character: abWuKong. The design concept and name were inspired by the character Sun WuKong from the ancient Chinese novel, Journey to the West. In the story, Sun WuKong travels on a cloud, using it to cross thousands of miles in a single leap. Acer BYOC and the accompanying suite of abApps similarly enable seamless connectivity across devices and networks. Sun WuKong is also known for his ability to transform into various objects. The abApps that abWuKong represents reflect this ability to transform, by offering innovative solutions for different media and devices. The character complements the BYOC logo, a stylized cloud that represents Acer’s heritage and desire to do things differently.

Acer will continue to develop innovative apps and services within BYOC to empower consumers and business users.

Visit www.acer.com/byoc to learn more about the BYOC ecosystem.

1 Can also share with friends without abPhoto account.
2 abFiles is available from Q3 2013.
3 Supports doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, and xlsx file formats.
4 For Acer desktop or notebooks with wakeup feature built-in.