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Acer 2013 Financial Results: Consolidated Revenues NT$360.13B (US$12.02B), Operating Loss NT$11.41B (US$380.97M), PAT -NT$20.52B (-US$685.11M), EPS -NT$7.54, Book Value per Share NT$20.7
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-03-27)

Acer Inc. announces the 2013 financial results, with consolidated revenues of NT$360.13B (US$12.02B), down 16.2% YOY; operating loss of NT$11.41B (US$380.97M), profits after tax (PAT) of -NT$20.52B (-US$685.11M), earnings per share (EPS) of -NT$7.54, and book value per share of NT$20.7. The results deviate only marginally from preliminary figures announced on January 17.

On a sequential basis, consolidated revenues in Q4’13 was NT$86.64B (US$2.89B), down 6% from Q3’13. Operating loss was NT$8.26B (US$275.63M), PAT was -NT$7.57B (-US$252.79M) and EPS of -NT$2.78.

Acer will hold its shareholders’ meeting on June 18 in Taipei. Transfer books and registration of members of the company will be closed from April 20 to June 18.


  • The exchange rate at the year end of 2013 was used – US$1: NT$ 29.95.
  • Acer Inc. consolidated revenue includes revenues from other companies in which Acer Inc. has 50% or more ownership, and already deducts any revenues between Acer Inc. and these companies to avoid double-counting.