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Acer Announces First Tier Organization and Personnel Adjustments for End-to-end Management and Precise Operating Mechanism
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-01-23)

Jackson Lin to head Notebook Business Group; Simon Huang to lead Stationary Computing and Display Business Group; Maverick Shih to oversee BYOC and Tablet Business Group

Acer announces the first tier organization and personnel adjustments to ensure the well-structured management of operations from end to end, and the development of Acer’s BYOC, build your own cloud.

The changes take immediate effect, and the adjustments are:

  • Establish the Notebook Business Group led by Jackson Lin as President, who concurrently heads the Design Center. David Lee, former CTO of the Design Center, will be appointed to co-head this business group.
  • Establish the Stationary Computing and Display Business Group with Simon Huang as President.
  • Rename the former cloud technology business group as the BYOC and Tablet Business Group, led by Maverick Shih as President.
  • Rename the e-enabling services business group as e-Business Business Group, and expand the business scope to cover server products. President Ben Wan shall continue to lead this business group. The former commercial global business operations will be abolished and existing staff will merge into other divisions.
  • Establish the Corporate Business Planning and Operations. Tiffany Huang, President of the former PC global operations is appointed to lead this unit, made up of former PCGO staff while some will merge into other divisions.

With end-to-end management, leaders of each business group shall be fully responsible for the operation, and the profit and loss of their respective line of business.