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Acer BYOC™ Forum Highlights New C&C Trends
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-12-05)
New C&C (Computing and Communication) trends was the overall theme at Acer’s second BYOC™ forum held today, attended by experts from corporations and the ICT industry.

Acer BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud) will combine computing technology and cloud services to welcome the new C&C cloud era. In partnership with Octon Inc., Acer will make its first step into the field of telecommunications through the newly established entity, Acer Octon Inc. Acer will license software, jointly develop and outsource professional services, promote with the ‘Acer BYOC Empowered’ mark, while expanding its cloud-based Acer Open Platform to become a new C&C platform.

At the forum, Acer Honorary Chairman Stan Shih traced the paradigm shift of the computer industry: the 1970’s vertical integration of large mainframe computers to minicomputers; the 1990’s vertical dis-integration and popularization of the personal computer; to the 2010’s era with competition among various computing platforms. For the future, Shih invites all partners to join and change the ecosystem of C&C.

Representatives from Gartner, Chunghwa Telecom, and IDC were invited to the forum as speakers to share their views on C&C. IDC spoke about a third platform of unified communications and collaboration technologies; Chunghwa Telecom talked about the evolvement of personal and communication devices, and 4G wireless communication; while Gartner expects the top 10 technology trends of 2015 to include “computing everywhere” as real and virtual worlds merge, and the emergence of software-defined applications and infrastructure. Finally, Acer Octon discussed about the development of new solutions for enterprise communication.

BYOC is Acer’s brand for solutions designed to redefine the connected world in the era of cloud technology, and demonstrates how individuals and businesses can become A Touch More Connected through BYOC.