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Tasmania Police Mobile in the Community with Acer Windows 8 Tablets
SYDNEY (2014-12-04)

Editor’s Summary

  • In the 6 week pilot using 37 Acer Iconia W511 tablets - 280 hours and $2,600 saved
  • From 73 police stations across the state, the 1,120 frontline police officers of Tasmania Police provide responsive policing and emergency management to secure a safe environment for the state’s population of half a million people
  • Tasmania is the only jurisdiction to roll out a robust mobility device - with long battery life and keyboard docking -  to every officer
  • Largest Windows 8 tablet deployment in Australia

Acer today announces the successful rollout of the largest deployment of Windows 8 tablets in Australia to Tasmania Police, replacing a fleet of 1,100 desktop computers – including 600 Windows XPs that were at end of life - and 200 in-car mobile data terminals.

The imperative for Tasmania Police was to increase the number of hours per shift its officers spent in the field. It was also important to use its overtime budget on core policing activities rather than completing deskbound administrative tasks.

Jason Hutcheon, Acting Inspector of the Business Improvement Unit at the Tasmanian Department of Police & Emergency Management, said: “We needed a single device that would be suitable for all officers, in all situations. They needed efficient, online access to all administrative and reporting functions whether they were in the station or in the field.”

Tasmania Police’s mobility requirements stipulated a robust, 3G enabled device with proven long battery life – it had to operate through a 10 hour shift without recharging.

A keyboard docking facility was essential. Officers carry out a significant amount of administration work and do many hours of typing each week. They needed access to ergonomic, full sized keyboards at the station.

From a thorough analysis of available devices, Tasmania Police selected the Acer Iconia W511. In the largest deployment of Windows 8 tablets in Australia, it undertook a phased, six month rollout from a pilot at its Training Academy, to all 1-2 man stations and then to the completed fleet of 1044 devices allocated to all 73 stations in the State.

“During the 6 week pilot, from the 37 tablets issued, we estimated 280 hours cut from administration. That efficiency equates to 37 working days plus 43 hours in overtime. In dollar terms we saved $2,600 from the pilot alone,” Hutcheon confirmed.

Officers now have secure access to all police systems, allowing them to quickly pull up driving licence details and make a field ID.

Statements from witnesses and victims of crime, as well as accident and crime reports, were previously written by hand at the scene and then transcribed at the station. Now, they are largely completed in field.

Hutcheon explains the benefits: “This is not only avoiding duplication of effort but keeping more officers out in the community for more of each shift, rather than returning to the station to do unproductive paperwork. With the devices in hand, there is less wasted time. Officers can file reports while they wait for, say, a tow truck to arrive at an accident scene. And the Iconia’s touch screen is proving its worth in capturing electronic signatures so that witnesses and victims no longer have to go to a police station to sign typed up statements.”

“Every frontline police officer in Tasmania is now supported by the latest Acer mobile productivity tools,” Katherine Nguyen, Head of Marketing at Acer Australia and New Zealand, said. “It is the only jurisdiction in this country to not only provide a device per officer but to use them as a replacement for its desktops.”

About the Acer Solution: Iconia W511

  • Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor
  • 10.1" HD LCD Multi-Touch Screen
  • 2GB Memory
  • 64GB Solid State Drive
  • Docking Keyboard
  • Windows 8