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Acer BYOC™ Helps Ensure Smooth Online Registration for Taiwan’s First IAAF Certified Marathon
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-11-17)

Acer announces that its Build Your Own Cloud™ (BYOC) platform has successfully achieved its goal of offering a smooth online registration process for Taiwan’s first IAAF certified marathon, the 2015 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon. In just a little over 4 minutes all 12,000 spots available for registration were filled and completed via the website created by Acer.

With this latest initiative, Acer has expanded its BYOC services to the popular sport of marathons with the specially designed registration website, www.absportsfun.com. A key advantage brought to users was the pre-fill feature that provided registrants the option of filling in and saving details on their PCs, then simply submitting the applications once the registration system opened, enabling users to complete their submission in the most friendly and efficient manner.

The convenience provided to users also presented a great challenge for the technology behind. However, with years of experience in data center management and a complete back-end technology infrastructure, Acer was well-prepared to withstand the enormous influx of data under intense time pressure.

“The abSportsfun platform received and processed several tens of thousands of registrations within minutes,” said Stan Shih, founder and honorary chairman of Acer, “underscoring Acer’s IT hardware and software strengths.”

Numerous positive feedback were posted on the abSportsfun chatroom, commenting that “the system is good by allowing us to save data in our own PC and completing the registration in four simple steps; the organizers were really thoughtful” and  “although the spots filled up very quickly, I received the notification quickly. It is better than other popular contests where the system remains busy and keeps you waiting for hours before finding out that your registration has not been successful.”

The 2015 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon will take place on March 22 along the scenic north coast of Taiwan. In addition to the website, Acer will provide more services to give contestants and their supporters with a more enjoyable event experience.