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Acer Introduces Cost and Energy Efficient Veriton Desktops to Commercial Portfolio
Amsterdam (2013-09-24)

Acer today announced the launch of its environmentally friendly Veriton S, M, X, L and N series of desktop computers to the channel, expanding its commercial offering further. Powerful yet energy efficient with superior graphics solutions and multiple expansion bays, the range of desktops are a cost effective solution for the growing business needs of today.

The Veriton S, M, X, L and N series are available in various different configurations to suit all types of businesses. The 6 series configurations are optimised for enterprises and corporate customers, offering the latest Intel professional desktops chipsets with vPro compliancy, advanced security and manageability tools, as well as top graphics performance. For smaller businesses, the 4 series configuration offers mid-range desktop chipsets, TPM and high quality graphics. Finally, the 2 series is the perfect solution for small office environments with its cost-efficient professional chipsets.

Veriton L – Maximum productivity
Built with 3rd generation Intel Core processor for maximum productivity the Acer Veriton L series provides corporates and SMBs with rock solid performance, convenience and efficiency. Featuring Intel™ vPro Technology, which can lock/unlock the PC and data through Pre-Boot Authentication, deactivating and reactivating a PC if lost or stolen is incredibly simple, offering the user peace of mind and ensuring personal data remains secure. This Ultra Small Form Factor offers traditional PC upgradeability in a tiny footprint. The Veriton L series is available in two configurations: 6 series, 4 series.

Veriton S - For the most demanding businesses
Offering the ideal blend of performance and security tools, the Acer Veriton S is a reliable and durable desktop series that meets business demands. The Veriton S smaller footprint and ability to be either a tower or a desktop while driven by high-end components and cutting-edge technologies, it provides the performance needed to tackle even the most demanding jobs. Available in two configurations: 6 series and 4 series.

Veriton X - Compact and powerful
A fraction of the size of a standard PC, the Veriton X series takes care of all business needs, while preserving precious office space. It is a great desktop PC to handle intensive computing applications. The modular, tool-less design makes accessibility easy, and energy-efficient certifications signify cost savings and care for the environment. The Veriton X series is available in three configurations: 6 series, 4 series, 2 series.

Veriton M - Solid performance with a flexible and reliable design
The Veriton M series provides the best stability, reliability and longevity. It fulfils challenging office duties making the most of your computing environment. It is a powerful tower machine that handles challenging workplace tasks with convenient expandability options. It is available in three configurations: 6 series, 4 series, 2 series.

Veriton N - Small but efficient
Packing powerful components into a petite, diamond-shaped chassis that can stand alone or be snapped onto the back of Acer monitors, the Veriton N series provides remarkable performance, while preserving precious space. The Veriton N series is available in two configurations: 4 series, 2 series.