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Acer 2012 Preliminary Financial Results: Consolidated Revenue NT$429.5B (US$14.7B), Operating Income NT$1.03B (US$35.2M), PAT -NT$2.91B (-US$100M), EPS -NT$1.07
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2013-03-19)

Acer Inc. announces the 2012 preliminary financial results, with the consolidated revenue of NT$429.5B (US$14.7B), down 9.6% YOY, and operating income of NT$1.03B (US$35.2M). Due to the recognition of intangible assets impairment of NT$3.5B (US$120M), profits after tax (PAT) resulted in losses of -NT$2.91B (-US$100M), and earnings per share (EPS) was -NT$1.07.

According to Acer's preliminary financial report, the consolidated revenue in Q4 last year was NT$101.5B (US$3.48B), declining 2.8% from Q3. The operating income was NT$109M (US$3.74M). While the PAT of -NT$3.37B (-US$115.5M) and EPS of -NT$1.24 both reflected losses from recognized intangible assets impairment.

Without factoring in the impairment from intangible assets impairment, the 2012 PAT would be NT$586M (US$20.1M) with EPS at NT$0.22 while the Q412 PAT would be NT$131M (US$4.5M) with EPS at NT$0.05.


  • The exchange rate was US$1: NT$29.136.
  • Acer Inc. consolidated revenue includes revenues from other companies in which Acer Inc. has 50% or more ownership, and already deducts any revenues between Acer Inc. and these companies to avoid double-counting.