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Acer Expands Commercial Offering with New Veriton P Workstation and Altos Server - More options for professional computing and rendering
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2013-03-18)

Acer announces its entry to the professional workstation market with the Veriton P series and new Altos servers thereby expanding its commercial offering. Emphasizing flexibility for various customer needs, the new workstations and servers support a wide range of computing configurations and feature the Intel® Xeon® E3 and E5 processors, ECC1 memory, RAID2 support, and backup components to maximize the performance and run time.

“With a full range of high-performance products and a flexible operating strategy in place our new workstation and server lineup promises immediate benefits for the most demanding clients. We will be able to reach out to many more customers in the SMB, Enterprise, Education and Government sectors,” said Walter Deppeler, Acer Senior Corporate VP and Head of Commercial Business.

Veriton P Series Workstation

Marking an important advancement for Acer’s commercial solutions, the new Veriton P Series Workstations focus on providing robust computing and rendering for the individual user. The Veriton P series targets customers ranging from small offices to large scale corporations and public organizations and pack NVIDIA®’s professional 3D and 2D graphics cards with support across the Intel range of Xeon processors. This ensures all users can experience enterprise-grade performance and reliability.

Altos Server

The new Altos line carries robust management tools and software including the Acer Smart Setup, Smart Console and Smart Server Manager and features such as iKVM.NET. Specific models are capable of storing up to the industry maximum of 24 hard drives (ideal for storage-intensive IT personnel needs) and supporting numerous applications to address different usage scenarios.

Flexibility for Precise IT Needs

The flexibility in Acer’s operating strategy and hardware configuration means that IT buyers or system administrators can purchase exactly the amount of IT required for their business or jobs thereby minimizing costs and optimizing resources.

“To better match customer needs and shorten order lead time, the Veriton P workstations and Altos servers will be final-assembled on the regional level to provide more flexibility in producing an increased range of build-to-order options and to avoid the unnecessary purchase of costly, yet unused, hardware,” said Evis Lin, Associate Vice President of Acer’s Enterprise Products BU.

Proven Solutions

Acer has also begun to test and develop a wide range of proven solutions for customers throughout the global regions, including those for thin/zero clients, cloud computing, virtualization and high-performance technical computing. Acer’s commercial offering currently includes building an international-scale supercomputer with clients from the automotive and financial services industries.


The new Veriton P workstations and Altos servers will be available to customers starting during the second quarter of 2013 with general availability varying by region. They will be shown at the GPU Technology Conference held from March 18-21, 2013 in San Jose, California.

1 ECC (Error-correcting code memory)

2 RAID (Redundant array of independent disks)