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Switch Alpha 12


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Flexibility Is Everything

With an extremely stable yet agile hinge, and a slim detachable keyboard, it transforms perfectly, bridging the divide between tablet and laptop.

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The U-frame kickstand has great rigidity to ensure there is no wobbling during touch operation, no matter what angle the display is positioned at. Despite this, it is still able to maintain a beautifully slender profile.

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Slim & Graceful

The U-frame design was an ideal solution for creating a device with a welcoming sense of openness and lightness.

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Structurally Robust

The U-frame wasn’t just designed with aesthetics in mind, but also had to be structurally sound. During the design phase, through precise ratio definitions, specific surface treatments, computer-aided and stress-strain analysis, our engineers developed a robust structure that would stand up to the expectation of users.

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Well-Considered Design

When designing the Switch Alpha, our main challenge was how to design a 2-in-1 PC with a kickstand that wouldn’t compromise on form or function. Our answer to this was challenge was a robust and aspirational U-frame kickstand design, beautifully hairline brushed surfaces and well-placed wireless antennas.

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Searching for The Right for Users

To ensure maximum stability on a flat surface and the best grip for carrying, we added a rubber anti-slip footing to the U-frame design. We experimented with a multitude of different materials and processes to get the perfect fit.

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Acer LiquidLoop™

To allow for a thin form factor without compromising performance, we decided upon a fanless liquid cooling system for the Switch Alpha. Besides the aesthetic benefits it brings, liquid cooling also offers function benefits, such as doing away with dust build up, fan noise and hot air exhaust.

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Real 2in1; Real Flexibility

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