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Acer Liquid Life

A Wonderful Circle of Life

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Gamify Wellness and Fitness

This game-oriented fitness app makes activities more entertaining and engaging than ever. Your health condition is reflected on your avatar, so you easily keep track of your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Easily Understand How Far You Move

Keep track of how far you’ve walked, run, and cycled using easy to read graphs. It also shows how many calories you’ve burned.

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Have Fun with Your Character

Users can easily customize their avatar and its style, and then share it with their friends.

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Care For Your Loved Ones

Acer Liquid Life helps you keep track of your loved ones’ shared data and immediately inform you of changes in their activity and fitness condition. With Acer Liquid Life, you can make sure your family and friends are staying connected and healthy.

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Train Smarter. Go Further.

Stamina recovery time and smart pacing values provided by the Leap Ware refer to your heartrate, distance, and time. These data improves users’ training/athletic performance.

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Meet Leap Ware

Leap Ware provides a traditional watch experience. Users can check the time at any angle and any moment. Leap Ware is not just a watch, it has more powerful functions for you to explore.

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Living a Healthier Life Style with Acer Liquid Life

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