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Toy Story - overview - Large

I have a kid, Andy! I bet you have a kid too!

Look under your boot, buddy. Whose name is written there? Every toy has their owner and this notebook does too.

Laser carving your name and let it be there with you always.

Toy Story - KSP 1 - Large

You've Got a Friend in Me!

Take the claws and three LGMs to experience the strange alien world.

Toy Story - KSP 2 - Large

No matter at college, or in the attic, well, then,
our job is to be there for him.

The Charm of Leather

Rugged, beautiful leather expertly crafted into an exceptional badge. Everyone is special and unique, and there is no way to be copied.

Toy Story - KSP 3 - Large

Go on a date with the sheriff

The characters of Toy-Story, become a part of patterns on a cowboy vest. Let’s fill it with stories and fun.

Toy Story - KSP 4 - Large

Explore it With Surprises

This is an interesting way to combine the pattern with the product design: Woody and Buzz are climbing over the mouse. The pad was designed to be luminous for when you’re in the dark. After numerous tests to achieve the best effect of luminous surprise, the mouse pad gives the directions for woody and Buzz to climbe over the mouse.

Toy Story - KSP 5 - Large

More Than Just A Pack.

The fate of shipping material is not to be recycled, but reused. The engraved material, with 3D printing transforms the packing material into a box that you’ll want to reuse.

Toy Story - KSP 6 - Large
Innovative Paper Hinge Mechanism Clique para conseguir maior detalhe
Three-dimensional Finish Clique para conseguir maior detalhe
Poster Accessories Package Clique para conseguir maior detalhe

You Have Saved our Lives,
We Are Eternally Grateful.

With the Toy-Story wallpaper and icon theme,
saving our friends from the trash can.

Toy Story - KSP 7 - Large

Never Give Up on Him,
We'll Always Be There for You.

Toy Story - KSP 8 - Large

The Toy Story laptop is a special licensed project between Disney and Acer Taiwan, distribution limited to Taiwan only.