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A stunning revelation


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Undeniably Sharp

The Aspire Swift and Spin series are super sleek, aesthetically pleasing, extremely thin and light laptops. You will be the envy of all your friends.

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Top-notch Build Quality

They impress us with their look and overall high-quality finish. Premium materials such as aluminum and aluminum-magnesium are used for a surprisingly solid chassis that, when closed tight, feel like they’ve been carved from a single piece of metal.

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Lightweight—Super Portability

By being extremely lightweight they deliver such super portability that you’ll hardly notice that these laptops are there.

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Scant Thinness—Passing Every Gap

With a robust all-metal build, and measured for extreme thinness, these machines have a similar thickness to a pencil. Now you can slide the machines into the gaps between everyday objects.

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New Era of Typing and Scrolling

The relatively quiet keyboard feels rigid and solid enough to survive daily use. It has a great springy feel that doesn’t bottom out uncomfortably. Key spacing is decent without any particularly small keys or odd spaces.

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New Versatile Benchmark

The ultrathin, light, and handsome convertible Spin series accomplish their transformation with 360-degree fully reversible hinges. The hinges are firm, and easily swivel into tablet, tent, or display modes, for playing games, watching movies, or sharing presentations.

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Surprisingly Blends Into Your Life

With such amazing transformations, Spin’s fit any possible scenario, and help you in ways you’ve never thought of before. Sooner or later, it will become irreplaceable in your life.

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