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Wellness Hub

Wellness Hub Healthcare

Aging population illustration

When the world population is aging…

The WHO defines ‘healthy aging’ as the process of “developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.” Healthy aging emphasizes the need for action across multiple sectors and enabling older people to remain a resource to their families, communities and economies.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the reasons why seniors refuse to go to nursing homes are due to the loss of freedom, independence, the cost, and just the experience of having to live with strangers. For most, remaining at home with their families is the far better ideal than the nursing home.

With our solution, Wellness Hub, we are able to ensure our seniors’ safety at home, and manage their daily health data to build up an age-friendly and healthy aging environment at their own homes.

Wellness Hub Feature

Wellness Hub illustration
Easy Installation icon

Easy Installation

Daily Activity Measurements, Data Analysis, and Notifications icon

Daily Activity Measurements, Data Analysis, and Notifications

Physiological Data Management icon

Physiological Data Management

Continuous Updates and Optimization icon

Continuous Updates and Optimization

Wellness Hub - Making Remote Senior Care Possible

Making Remote Senior Care Possible

Wellness Hub - Managing Abnormal Data to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Weight Management

Weight Management

The probability and risk of coronary artery disease and stroke increases when rapidly gaining or losing weight.

Environmental Data Management

Environmental Data Management

Seniors’ bodies become less efficient at regulating temperature. As environmental temperatures rise, seniors might suffer from heat stroke which can cause lethal damage to the brain or other internal organs.

Daily Activity Data Management

Daily Activity Data Management

Analyzing activity data of seniors to ensure their safety at home.


Aging population illustration

Taiwan Excellence 2018

Aging population illustration

Innovative Application Award 2018

Aging population illustration

16th National Innovation Award

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