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Technologies to unleash

your full creative potential

Have you ever experienced being trapped within limits that hinder your creative work? Felt the lack of powerful tools that match your powerful imagination? Here are 10 technologies that help overcome the barriers between your ideas and realization, technologies that help you reach the highest potential – and even go beyond!

Go create everywhere

You never know where inspiration hits you. So be prepared to take your work where your ideas lead you with a highly mobile workstation. Ideally, it’s really lightweight and thin, so it fits in any bag and lets you create in every spot. Weighing only 1.5 kg and with an impressively thin 16.9 mm, the ConceptD 5 enables you to take your work on the road – or wherever you can let your creativity flow.

Pinpoint colour accuracy

Professional creators know: colours have meaning, and they evoke specific reactions. To let your creative work shine, colour accuracy is key. Only with a PANTONE Validated 4K Display you see colours like they truly are and appear identical to printed colours following the PANTONE Matching System. Tested and calibrated by professionals – for professionals to work with perfect accuracy right out of the box without additional calibration needed.

Power to Ideas

When you are working on new ideas, you can never have enough of one thing: power. The power to work on multiple things at one – like designing web content and editing 4K videos. The power to get really big things done – like gigabytes worth of pictures. With the latest generation of Intel Core i7 processors in your computer, your performance never lags behind.

See the richness of Green

The human eye can distinguish an incredible array of colours – much more than words can tell. Standard screens only cover a small spectrum of this range, especially lacking in the cyan-green hues. With a 4K screen that covers the full range of the Adobe RGB gamut, ConceptD 5 expands the variety of colours you can work with to take full advantage of professional tools like Adobe Photoshop.

It’s cool to be quiet

To find full peace in your work, make sure your equipment is running at lowest sound level possible – while keeping your computer functionally cool and running at full speed. Efficient thermal solutions keep both temperature and noise level down – to under 40db, the equivalent of a library room. So you won’t disturb other people while working – much less yourself!

Shine a light

You know your favourite working tools in your sleep, have every shortcut of your creative application memorized and find the right keys without looking – but every once in a while, you are looking for that haček or cedilla on your keyboard. Then a backlit keyboard comes really in hand. Or when you’re creating web content, working on code and many other times you’re typing when the surrounding light is dimmed down.

Light and incredibly strong

When you’re working on the go, times can get a little rough. Whether you’re carrying your mobile workstation in a crammed bag or actually balancing your laptop on your lap, things can happen – and fall. A professional tool like the ConceptD 5 does not break because it’s made with premium magnesiumlithium and magnesium-aluminium alloys. They are up to four times stronger than standard aluminium alloys of the same thickness yet weigh up to 35% less – designed for true portability.

The perfect canvas for your creative work

When working with pictures or video, today HDR is a must. Only with High Dynamic Range you see the all the details with high contrast. A VESA DisplayHDR1000 Certified Monitor like ConceptD CM7 guarantees a peak brightness of 1000 nits. That provides for stunningly rich colours, while containing all the high contrast and deep darkness to perfectly express your creative idea.

Bright lights for bright ideas

When it comes to colour, perception really is reality. To get the impression of black on-screen, usual LED technology is simply not enough. The MiniLED technology of ConceptD CM7 comes with 1.152 local dimming zones that can independently create different contrast zones, thus creating vibrant colours and accurate deep blacks with an unmatched brightness – without risks of burn-in that OLED TVs are susceptible to.

Perfection all-around

When you’ve brought your ideas to life and done something truly great, you want to share it with everyone around. Only a panel with IPS technology that’s built in the ConceptD CM7 allows for a wide viewing angle up to 178° without distorting any colours. So other people can experience exactly what you’ve created – whether it’s your colleagues, clients or friends.

Let Creators be Creators

To bring your creative thought to full fruition is hard work – that sometimes becomes even tougher with the imposed limits of outdated technology.

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