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The perfect eSports setup from Predator

There's a lot at stake during eSports and LAN party tournaments, how important is it to have the right hardware when going for gold?

Many of you will take your own setup to LAN parties. Our recommendation includes premium hardware, such as a Predator Orion 3000 and an XB2 monitor, along with a Galea 300 headset and a CESTUS 510 mouse.

Does the right hardware give you an edge at tournaments? We asked Marko Fritz, chair of the board of ESVÖ (Austrian eSports Association), admin at Austrian Force eSports and tournament organiser at Red Bull pLANet one.

What are the must-haves for a good gaming machine?

It always depends on what I want to use it for—if I'm streaming or just want to game. Generally speaking, if you want to be part of the PC Master Race, your gaming machine should always have the latest generations of hardware—processors, RAM, graphics cards, motherboard, etc.

The Predator Orion 3000 offers strong performance with jet-black design and LED illumination. Jump into the next adventure with the 64-GB Intel® Core™ i7+ processor. Even when it gets hot, the innovative IceTunnel cooling system ensures that your hardware stays cool, while the NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics card (up to GTX 1080) delivers top-quality on-screen and VR experiences.

How important are these set-ups for gamers? What are they looking for in terms of individual components?

They are very important in general, but I personally feel that fluid gameplay is much more important than good-looking graphics. I bought myself a gaming machine two years ago, but I will get another two years out of it until I need to change any of the hardware. In particular, I look at the test results of individual components—the most expensive model will not always be the best in terms of price/performance ratio.

For responding quickly and, most importantly, with a high degree of accuracy, you need the right mouse. The Predator Cestus 510 Mouse is the next step in mouse evolution: Its 16,000 dpi and 400 IPS exceed even the highest of standards, while the perfect weighting and adjustable (side) sections ensure maximum comfort, even during long sessions. The lighting design can also be fully adjusted to suit you, with 16.7 million colour variations. And because every game is unique, the mouse also has eight individually programmable buttons and five profiles.

Even how you sit is important, isn't it?

Having the correct posture is extremely important (especially if you game a lot). It can help prevent health complications that could be an issue in 10 to 15 years' time. I can be a bit lazy with this myself sometimes, but now I've got a gaming chair that lets me sit in a good position.

When you win a game, how much of this victory is down to the hardware?

The game needs to be stable while keeping up with my demands ;)

See every detail of your games! Even the highest-speed games are no problem for the Predator XB2 Monitor — response times of one millisecond and NVIDIA® GSYNC™ mean that in-game events are always perfectly synchronised with your mouse movements. A high image refresh rate of 240 Hz, combined with a powerful processor, ensure a fluid gaming experience without any motion blurring. This 27" full-HD monitor (1920 x 1080) with a zero-frame design was developed for professional gaming.

Have you ever bragged about new hardware to your friends?

Of course, who hasn't? Back in school, there was a lot of bragging, particularly when someone got a new graphics card.

What do you enjoy most about LAN parties?

The people themselves (players, organisers, visitors etc.) and the event as a whole. They bring everyone together from the scene, and just like at Red Bull pLANet one I'm often responsible for organising tournaments (LoL).

Investing in a good headset always pays off, for two reasons: Because good sound quality heightens the gaming experience, and because you shouldn't have to miss out on a single sound while gaming. The Predator Galea 300 headset delivers impressive TrueHarmony™ sound and a high level of wearing comfort. And thanks to the extendable, omnidirectional mic, your commands are crystal clear when you and your team are talking strategy.

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