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Get the best gaming gear for League of Legends

Show your loved ones how much they mean to you – by giving them the essential PC gaming gear to help boost their ELO in League of Legends.

Riot Games’ League of Legends is more than just game at this point; it’s a way of life. The hit MOBA title has a thriving professional scene. League of Legends Worlds, where Predator is the official partner since 2016, pulls in millions of viewers – and dollars in prize money. Stars like triple crown South Korean Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg regularly stun spectators with their blinding plays and winning strategies.

Their success comes from countless hours of practice, but they all had to start somewhere. League of Legends is a rewarding, challenging game with a steep learning curve. Millions of players compete every day in a bid to rise up the ranks, from Bronze all the way to the lofty elite play of Challenger level. You can get an edge with champion guides and wisdom from the experts, but even the best advice will only get you part of the way, however. The rest comes down to knowledge, instinct, reflexes – and the right gear.

Having a good connection, a fast monitor, an even faster PC and a high performance keyboard, mouse and headset can all help make sure you’re on the right side of an MMR-busting gank, and getting that crucial last-hit in every time. As Christmas rolls around once more, we take a look at some of the best gaming gear money can buy you, or the gamer in your life, to help move up the ranks.

The gaming rig: Predator G1

Part of the joy of League is just how accessible it is. It’s free to play and its graphical requirements are pretty low, so League of Legends won't place much strain on your hardware, but if you want to be able to stream your gameplay to your Twitch followers at the same time, that’s a different matter. Thankfully, the Predator G1 has your back, even if your team-mate charging headlong into the Baron alone at level two doesn’t.

Its NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti graphics, meaty 16GB RAM and super fast Intel Core i7-KBL processor mean that you can scrim all day long and run other apps in the background without the G1 ever breaking a sweat. Discord, Spotify and Skype all open on a second screen, whilst streaming your game in full HD on Twitch? No problem. Just remember to concentrate on the game itself if you want to improve your MMR.

The gaming monitor: Predator XB281HK

Mastering League of Legends’ arcane item and champion lore is crucial to your success in rising up the ranks in competitive play, but so too is mechanical play. You only have to look at the incredible decision making and twitch reflexes employed by the top South Korean teams at Worlds to see how fast reactions can turn the momentum of a game around in an instant. Speed matters. You want a monitor that matches your own alertness, in other words. With Predator the official monitor provider of Worlds since 2016, the 28-inch Predator XB281HK monitor has you covered.

Its rapid 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and crisp 4K resolution mean you can’t put the blame of a loss down to screen tear or fuzziness. If you must blame someone, blame the armchair general barking out orders and roaming the mid lane with a dangerously exposed Galio.

Gaming mouse: Predator Cestus 500

It goes without saying that you need a top quality mouse as you climb higher and higher up the ranked mode mountain. Gradually, the noobs who seem to be dipping their peripherals in molasses give way to whip smart opponents to whom ping isn’t an obstacle, since they seem to have second sight and an unnerving ability to move around the Rift at impossible speeds. You’ll need a responsive mouse to combat them, and the optical Predator Cestus 500 is your friend here. Its 7200dpi (dots per inch) resolution means it recognises movements as precise as the ones you make, so you won’t miss that crucial AoE ult and whiff a pentakill opportunity and the glory that comes with it.

Every gamer plays differently, which means customisation is key, and thankfully the Predator Cestus 500 gives you more options than you could need, no matter whether you're a left or right-hander. As well as a possible 16.8 million colours to choose from, its innovative dual switch design means you can actually adjust the click resistance to your preference, so if you prefer a feather touch for your commands, you can. If you’re less trigger happy, you can set it higher to make sure you don’t accidentally right click yourself into the middle of a needless gank.

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