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Acer HN274H B, the first 27-inch FHD 3D LED monitor to support NVIDIA® 3D LIGHTBOOST™ technology
Manno (2012-04-12)

TV broadcasts, movies, gaming, photography and even new learning applications: 3D technology unlocks an entire world of experiences. Experiences that can be best appreciated on a bigger screen. Acer, always at the forefront in offering technologically advanced solutions, now presents the HN274H B, the successor of the first 27-inch 3D monitor to support the HDMI® and DVI (dual link) 3D solution, enabling users to fully appreciate the array of possibilities brought by the stereoscopic technology.

Offering powerful and exciting graphics as well as top-notch technology, the HN274H B 3D monitor is particularly well suited for thrilling gaming and action movies: the perfect solution for tech-savvy users and gaming enthusiasts, but also for users who want to enjoy a great entertainment.

Together with 3D technology, the HN274H B display is rich of high-end monitor’s features, to ensure a brighter Full HD 3D imagery via HDMI® or DVI-DL.  It can connect 3D PCs or 3D game consoles to play immersive 3D games, 3D cameras, 3D Blu-ray Disc™ players to be engrossed in cinematic splendor like never before and  3D TV programming via a set-top box to get the latest in satellite and terrestrial 3D broadcasting.

An enhanced home entertainment is guaranteed through the NVIDIA® 3D LIGHTBOOST™ and NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2 glasses that provide immersive 3D imagery that’s twice as bright as other solutions. With  advanced active shutter

3D technology and the monitor’s built-in IR emitter, the Acer HN274H let’s you enjoy your favorite movies or games with your friends, as multiple pair of glasses can be used simultaneously

The HN274HB combines high-end specs with a highly sophisticated design that easily blends into any environment. The graceful base has a rim in a contrasting color for a richer visual impact, while the teardrop-shaped power-key adds a cool touch of class. Convenient to use touch-sensitive controls and an intricate vent design give the monitor an all-round sleek look and feel.