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From the bustling PC bangs of Seoul to the gaming houses of Berlin, Part of the Game investigates how different cities and cultures have impacted the unique world of esports.

Episode 1

Copenhagen – a city perhaps best known for its statues, gardens and picturesque Nyhavn harbour, but it’s also one of the world's leading hubs for professional gamers.

Episode 2

Berlin – The German capital has been the hub for professional League of Legendsplayers on the continent, ever since developers Riot Games moved their offices and studios from Cologne in 2014.

Episode 3

Seoul is a thriving, bustling city that's practically a pilgrimage destination for esports fanatics. After all, this is where modern esports started and it's still home to a flourishing scene with top talent, as proven in no small part by South Korea's dominance of League of Legends.

Episode 4

When you think of Russia, you probably think of Moscow. For good reason: it's a global city, it’s the capital of the country, and with the dazzling minarets of St Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, it's iconic in its own right. It has a long and storied esports tradition too – a turbulent one at that.

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