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All around the world, different cities are becoming known for producing top players of certain videogames. Travel the globe to see what makes these games thrive in particular places.

Episode 1

Katowice – Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz explains how the annual IEM Katowice gaming event at the Spodek arena came about and details how an industrial city known for its mines and steelworks changed its image.

Episode 2

Paris – the passionate French audience go into gaming events as if they are going to war! The fans in France are unlike any other esports fanbase. Get to know the top warriors of the gaming culture in Paris, France.

Episode 3

Sāo Paulo – travel to Sāo Paulo, Brazil to meet the passionate gamers who are rising to the forefront of Counter-Strike. Despite a tough national economy these players are able to achieve their esport dreams.

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