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Predator 21X - overview - Large
Predator 21X - overview - Large

Translucent Venting Cover

Through the translucent cover design and sci-fi style lighting effects the dramatic visual effects with aerodynamic aesthetics are viewable during operation.

Predator 21X - KSP 2 - Large

Design Development & Refinement

Predator 21X - KSP 3 - Large

Razor-sharp Venting Pattern

The profiles of the air-intake are patterned in an aggressive manner to convey a razor-sharp image with a dynamic visual flow.

Predator 21X - KSP 4 - Large

Edgy & Futuristic

The angular details and tapered edges create an aggressive attention-grabbing visual effect, and deliver a super sleek high-performance image.

Predator 21X - KSP 5 - Large

Incredible Immersive Sound

Four Dolby speakers and two Subwoofers deliver outstanding, stratified sound effects, and create a remarkable sonic flow to provide a fantastic audio experience for an immersive experience.

Predator 21X - KSP 6 - Large


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