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Acer Announces AIoT Edge Computing Device with Support for Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2018-11-16)

Acer today announced the aiSage, an Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things (AIoT) edge computing device with a built-in camera. The aiSage offers a powerful live-streaming analytics solution for businesses looking to streamline and improve their operations through real-time business intelligence. It supports Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, a solution that makes it easy to securely stream video from connected devices to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for analytics, machine learning (ML), playback, and other processing, and AWS IoT.

“The aiSage is an AIoT edge computing device that collects and analyzes data to provide real-time business intelligence,” said Maverick Shih, President of BYOC Smart Products Business, Acer Inc. “We are excited to be cooperating with AWS to both provide seamless support for Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and offer scalable and secure provisioning of devices through AWS IoT.”

The aiSage is a commercial-grade edge computing device optimized for AI applications. It has an integrated CPU, GPU, high-definition camera, and wired and wireless connectivity options, all packed in a low profile design that blends in with surroundings. It supports the MXNet framework for deep learning, which produces lightweight neural network model representations that can run on edge devices like aiSage and process data remotely in real-time.

Currently, it can take retail chains days or weeks for their demographic or shopper information to be consolidated and analyzed, with the data’s value deteriorating as it ages. With the aiSage’s edge computing capabilities, real-time metadata tagging via integrated connectivity can securely stream video to services such as AWS with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams for analytics, ML, and other processing.

Customers using aiSage can quickly connect and manage their cameras and stream video to their AWS account using the new AWS IoT Camera Connector Quickstart. The AWS IoT Camera Connector Quickstart is a new solution that automates the discovery, provisioning, and connection of cameras and their streaming video content to the company’s AWS account using AWS IoT Core and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams.

The aiSage will be distributed globally through AOPEN, a member of the Acer Group specializing in integrated solutions for commercial and retail use. It will be on display at this year’s AWS re:Invent event from November 26th to 30th in Las Vegas.