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Acer Q2 2016 Financial Results: Consolidated Revenues NT$56.16B (US$1.74B), Net Income NT$538M (US$16.68M)
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2016-08-11)
Acer’s Board of Directors approved the financial results for Q2 2016 with consolidated revenues of NT$56.16 billion (US$1.74 billion), marking a slight drop of 0.3% from the previous quarter. Despite the price impact of key components and product cycle transitions, Acer maintained a gross profit margin of 9.6% and reported an operating loss of NT$279 million (US$ 8.63 million). The non-operating income of NT$1.05 billion (US$32.63 million) was largely due to foreign exchange gains, while net income (or profits after tax) reached NT$538 million (US$16.68 million), and earnings per share (EPS) was NT$0.18.

In 1H 2016, Acer’s consolidated revenue was NT$112.48 billion (US$3.48 billion), down 12.2% year-over-year. Operating income reached NT$588 million (US$18.21 million) with operating margin of 0.5%; net income was NT$585 million (US$18.11 million); and EPS was NT$0.19.

The results show that Acer has remained profitable during the course of its transition, by developing innovative products that meet end-users’ needs. Acer is broadening its business boundaries based on its BeingWare vision, and will add value to PCs and new devices through the combination of hardware, software and services. The recent strategic changes in the regrouping of its core and new businesses have been made to address the new evolving needs.

Note: The exchange rate was US$1: NT$32.286.