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Acer Showcases BYOC Solutions for Connected Car, Business, Education, and Smart Home at Mobile World Congress 2016
BARCELONA, SPAIN (2016-02-22)
Acer is showcasing its latest BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud™) developments at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona, in the fields of connected car, smart home, business, and education. Acer identified these fields as key applications of the IoB (Internet of Beings) concept, a human-centric network based on a collective of intelligence.

Connected Car: Secure Software Updates Over-the-Air
Together with its partner ATS (Advanced Telematic Systems), Acer announces OTA+, an open-standards based solution facilitating over-the-air updates for connected vehicles. For connected cars, over-the-air updates are rapidly becoming a mandatory feature, whether for critical bug fixes, scheduled updates, or new service offerings.

The BYOC-empowered OTA+ solution is a complete suite for data transfer, data management, secure transmission, validation, and deployment of software updates remotely to a fleet of vehicles, while optimized for speed, security, and scalability. Developed in cooperation with GENIVI, an alliance of leading automotive OEMs and suppliers, the open standards based solution can be integrated easily and efficiently with existing or new software platforms. Also on show at MWC is a solution that enables remote monitoring of vehicles through the cloud, and a solution that can monitor the driver’s fatigue level through a brainwave sensor headset.

Business: Digital Signage, VR/AR-Enhanced Retail, and Unified Communications
Acer is displaying a total solution for digital signage, integrating hardware, software, and services enabled by the BYOC platform. Not only can the solution passively display multimedia content through LFDs (Large Format Displays), but also dynamically show situation-aware information with an array of sensors. Through big data analytics, the gathered data can show the flow of customers and hot spots in retail environments, customer characteristics, demographics, and products that grab the most attention, helping effectively plan marketing activities and evaluate the return-on-investment of campaigns.

BYOC alliance partner, iStaging, is demoing a solution that leverages VR (virtual reality) technology to allow real estate agents show properties, and AR (augmented reality) technology to let home furnishers preview how furniture will look in their house. Also on display is Acer’s IP-based unified communications solution for enterprises, abPBX plus, which integrates traditional office telephony systems and desk phones with tablet PCs, smartphones, and other mobile devices to provide businesses with a global communication network.

Education: IoT Education Kit and Brainwave Analysis Applications
Acer CloudProfessor is the company’s first IoT (Internet of Things) education kit designed for people of all ages and technical backgrounds, providing learners with plug-and-play hardware and software out of the box, as well as tutorials and starter modules to learn about IoT development. The design offers flexibility of choice in regards to programming language, allowing users to start learning to code directly on their smartphones.

At Acer’s booth, BYOC alliance partner Alchemy is showcasing new applications of brainwave analysis. After the brainwave sensor headset is paired to a smartphone, an app can analyze learning, emotional, stress, and focus levels through unique algorithms and big data analysis. On the showground was a remote control car that can be controlled through brainwave manipulation.

Smart Home: Home Security, Health Monitoring, and Remote Diagnostics
Acer integrated technology from its BYOC alliance partners to display multiple smart home scenarios enabled by its aBeing One hub, including: home security through facial recognition technology and IP cameras from Ambarella, health monitoring with devices from Omron and Medisanté, and remote diagnostics empowered by the Kubi telepresence robot from Revolve Robotics.

For more information about the latest developments of BYOC, please visit Acer’s display at MWC 2016, booth #1G50 in Hall 1, Fira Gran Via.