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Chile’s President Announces Acer as Official Notebook for Nationwide “Connected for Learning” Program

Acer will provide 75,000 Aspire E Series notebooks to 7th grade students in public schools

SANTIAGO, Chile – Acer America has announced that its Aspire E Series notebooks have been selected by the Junta Nacional de Auxilio Escolar y Becas (JUNAEB) in collaboration with the Chile Education Ministry to be the sole provider of notebooks for “Connected for Learning” this year. The second phase of the “I Select My PC” program, “Connected for Learning” will provide more than 75,000 notebooks to 7th grade students in public schools.

A number of Chile’s government VIPs including President Michelle Bachelet visited NetNow, Acer’s distributor in Chile, to formally announce the program. In addition to an Acer Aspire E Series notebook, the students will receive a backpack, tracking software with anti-theft protection, Microsoft Office and one year of unlimited Internet access. “Connected for Learning” is fully funded by JUNAEB and the Chile Education Ministry, so students pay nothing to participate.

“As we embark on our fifth consecutive year as a contributor to this successful program, we’re delighted to have been selected as the sole notebook provider for the second phase that extends to all 7th graders,” said Jorge Tunon Subercaseaux, NetNow general manager. “Giving students access to technology makes learning deeper, richer and more engaging, and helps prepare them for a secondary education and future career.”

Acer was selected as the sole notebook supplier for “Connected for Learning” due to its flexibility and ability to meet the government’s requirements. President Bachelet announced the program will continue throughout her term.

“I Select My PC,” the first phase of the program, was offered to students from vulnerable socio-economic segments in Chile beginning in 2008. It was designed to bridge the digital divide and provide these deserving students with new opportunities to significantly enhance their lives.

NetNow’s factory was chosen as the site for the “Connected for Learning” launch because of its customization facilities, which gave Chile’s government leaders the ability to see and touch the notebooks, view the configuration process and showcase the four color options (blue, green, coral red and yellow) that will be available to students.