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AcerNAV allows Liquid Series users to always be on track, in collaboration with TomTom and TripAdvisor
BIOGGIO, Switzerland (2014-10-29)

Editor’s Summary

  • AcerNAV is Acer’s new GPS navigation app, powered by TomTom and relying on TripAdvisor POI database;
  • Offline world maps put an end to data-plan dependency and roaming costs;
  • 3D view enables an immersive navigation experience;
  • Integrated TripAdvisor POI database provides up-to-date information, rating and reviews of thousands of hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world;
  • Free for Liquid Jade, Liquid Z500 and Liquid E700 users;

Acer today announced the launch of the new AcerNAV application on its Liquid series smartphones. AcerNAV is a complete GPS system powered by TomTom using TripAdvisor POI database to ensure the best possible navigation experience. Thanks to four particularities, AcerNAV differentiates itself from existing mobile maps providers and is set to become the go-to tool for all Liquid Series users.

On track in all situations with offline maps
Relying on smartphone-powered navigation systems can be inconvenient because of data and/or roaming costs. Acer kept this in mind while developing AcerNAV, and provides a solid solution to this issue: all maps are stored directly on the user’s device, and only the GPS chip is used by the application while navigating. AcerNAV provides access to TomTom maps with free updates for two years as long as the application is running on a Liquid Series device. Maps can be downloaded individually rather than as regional packs as to allow the user to only get what they need while preserving storage space on their device or microSD storage.

3D views powered by TomTom
Thanks to the expertise of TomTom, AcerNAV users have access to clear and elegant 3D maps on their smartphone screen, which enables a more immersive navigation experience. This view allows the user to explore and preview beautiful buildings and world- renowned sights while on their journey to reach them. Furthermore, the intuitive application design enables easy transition between 2D and 3D views in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Best-in-class POI database featuring TripAdvisor
Smoothly getting the users to their destination is AcerNAV’s main purpose; however, one may not always know where they wish to go. Thankfully, Acer provides access to TripAdvisor’s state of the art Point of Interest database in AcerNAV. This provides up-to-date contact information, as well as truthful ratings and honest reviews for hotels, restaurants and attractions written by millions from all over the world.

Real savings on true user benefits
AcerNAV is free to all eligible users, which provides real added value at no-additional cost. “When looking at the Google PlayStore, users can find multiple offline solutions with good maps and good POI. But they’ll cost at least 39€, or even up to 79€ for a full region. Our users are not charged any extra money to enjoy AcerNAV,” explains Allen Burnes, Smartphone Business Group Vice-President, Acer Europe .

Additional features
Acer will continue working to enrich AcerNAV list of features. In the coming months, users will be able, through in-app purchase, to acquire new features and make their navigation experience even more effortless. Amongst these, Acer and TomTom are expected to release Real-time Traffic, which will provide reliable re-routing information, and Speed Cameras, which sends live alerts for fixed speed-camera locations.